Feast without regrets You can nibble at Easter without gaining weight!

Feast without regrets You can nibble at Easter without gaining weight!

All holidays have one thing in common: They seduce us into uninhibited feasting. As a result, not only do we feel like an inflated balloon in the days after, but the scales also correct the weight upwards. You can remedy this – by using this food.

Easter is a real festival for those with a sweet tooth: Lent is over, the Easter nests are filled to the brim with chocolate eggs and marzipan bunnies. Of course, we take courage in the sweets – but that’s not healthy. The better alternative are real eggs from the chicken coop, which even originally were in the nests.

Five eggs a day - that's all you need for the egg diet.

Simply lose weight
This is how boiled eggs shed the pounds

Cabbage soup diet, low carb or 5: 2 diet – when it comes to weight loss, the choice of diets is huge. We reveal what the Egg Diet is all about.

That’s why eggs are the best alternative

“Contrary to their reputation, eggs are pretty good for the body,” explains ecotrophologist Dr. Martina Weber from BioProphyl. In addition to easily digestible protein, they also contain valuable unsaturated fatty acids that have a positive effect on blood lipid levels. They also provide vitamin K, folic acid, calcium, phosphorus, iron and potassium, which are important for blood clotting, as well as vitamin B2, which supports the body in numerous metabolic processes and the development of red blood cells.

If brown or white eggs are too boring for Easter, they can also be colored. Beetroot, chamomile and the like offer an excellent alternative to artificial coloring.

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