Featured Lamps

Featured Lamps

Often times we do not need over-elaborated pieces and full of details to make the decoration more charming – quite the contrary! I know that it’s not just me who like minimalist environments, after all, this is a “trend” that has been on the rise for many years.
And a piece that gained prominence with this style on the rise was the lamp. Well, you didn’t read it wrong: the lamp that a few years ago was hidden in the closed chandeliers, now is the highlight of many pieces. Pendants, sconces, table, floor lamps, luminous cords… There is a world of possibilities ?


Simple but full of charm! Even the most basic pendants, with just one wire and the lamp at the end, bring that special touch to the decor, right? That’s because you can bet on a different lamp – I love the filament ones (both copper ones and the more modern versions that don’t get as hot).
Of course, nowadays you also find some other adornments that adorn the pendants of the type. A wired “cape”, a glass that “encapsulates” the lamp, a different material… All this makes the decoration even more cool!


Featured Lamps

Photos: Industrial Light Electric and Aliexpress

The sconces, by themselves, already bring that different touch to the décor – it’s no wonder that there is a post about it here on the website ? These wall lamps may even have super sophisticated versions, but I think the models are more rustic or with a simply more wonderful industrial finish.
The base can be wood, metal or even concrete: what matters is the super cozy result that indirect lighting brings to the space!


Speaking of indirect lighting, I couldn’t help mentioning the fixtures! These small pieces give all the charm to the furniture, besides being indispensable in some corners of the house, as in home Office and on the nightstand.
The parts with flashing lamps are with everything and so it will be easy to find any version that you like!

Featured Lamps

Photos: In Honor of Design and Designlisticle

For those who have a reading corner with a very cozy armchair, it is also worth investing in floor lamps.


I am suspicious to talk about luminous cords, after all, these delicate pieces always remind me of Christmas, or rather, my favorite time of the year! And a way to remove this “themed” face from the models is to bet on the versions with larger lamps and with a more industrial footprint!
If you like a more casual decor style, the laces look great in the living room or even in the bedroom. However, my favorite room to hang these wonders is the balcony! Isn’t that the detail that makes all the difference in the external area?


Obviously, I would not fail to share some beautiful pieces that you can buy online! After seeing so many amazing models, you’ll want to fill the house with new lamps, seriously!
Featured Lamps
1- Wire lamp at Oppa Design – R $ 209.99
2- Decorative Squared Gray Urban Concrete Fixture at Americanas – R $ 72.77
3- Taurus Marble Earring in Collector 55 – R $ 209.00
4- Retro Pendant Lamp at Americanas – R $ 57.55
5- Stove Copper Sconce at Americanas – R $ 439.00
6- Tokinho Table Lamp at Hometeka – R $ 190.00
7- Medusa Pendant Lamp at Muma – R $ 520.00
8- Pipe Floor Lamp at Tok & Stok – R $ 452.90
9- Retro Severo Industrial pendant at Americanas – R $ 328.01
10- Sconce Orpheus at Oppa Design – R $ 234.90

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