Featured Mirrors!

Featured Mirrors!

I need to confess something that I discovered during the production reform: I can be considered the crazy of the mirrors! I don’t know why, but I just love different mirrors, really. It may be because this is a piece that you will inevitably observe a few times throughout the day, right?

Featured Mirrors!

Photo: Gypsytan

Regardless of why I love mirrors, these pieces rarely go unnoticed in the decor. In addition to the obvious function, mirrors are great allies in small environments, as they promote a feeling of spaciousness. In addition, they also help to highlight an important corner in the decoration.
Anyway, there is no lack of reasons to use several mirrors in your home and that’s why I decided to share some of my favorite pieces in this post ?


I believe that this passion for mirrors started with the round models. Although classics, I think they help to bring an extra charm to the composition without regret.
The pieces with leather handles are my favorites thanks to the mix of super textures cool. However, I also love the most basic versions with simple and thin frames!


Featured Mirrors!

Photos: Kate La Vie via Lovin ‘Blog and A Beautiful Mess

Hexagons, lozenges, squares, rectangles … The pointed objects are super modern and help to enhance space. Geometric pieces may seem simple at first, but they always help to highlight one or the other corner!
For the more daring, it is worth investing in a version with wire frame (photo 2). The piece gains much more personality, right?


Square mirrors with rounded edges, models with spectacular overworked frames in the art deco style or even very rococo… There are plenty of vintage mirror options on the market – and, of course, thrift stores and antique shops around the world! As I mentioned, I love to mix styles in the decor and the retro mirrors are great complements!
I confess to you that I like even those more oxidized versions depending on the environment. This old face makes the space instantly more sophisticated, don’t you think?


A super interesting way of enhancing space is by assembling mirror compositions. You can use the same models in different sizes, as well as create a new proposal with different pieces! The wall will definitely become the highlight of the decor, right?


Making a selection of just 10 pieces was not easy, after all, there are many wonderful models on the market! I hope you like the suggestions and if you have indications of places with incredible mirrors, feel free to leave them in the comments ?
Featured Mirrors!
1- Hexagonal Mirror at Storehouse Home Decor – R $ 119.00
2- Anny Natural Mirror at Collector 55 – R $ 349.00
3- Delfina Mirror at Oppa – R $ 398.81
4- Umbra Black Prism Mirror at Americanas – R $ 456.00
5- Pucca Mirror on Collector 55 – R $ 404.60
6- Copper Mirror Trio in the Luster of the Castle – R $ 225.00
7- Round Mirror Mart Collection at Americanas – R $ 183.90
8- Vintage Mirror at Storehouse Home Decor – R $ 490.00
9- Pirouette Mirror at Oppa – R $ 188.99
10- Beehive Mirror by Love Decor at Dafiti – R $ 131.90

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