Feeling of satiety How to avoid hunger and cravings after eating

Feeling of satiety How to avoid hunger and cravings after eating

You could eat all day and you have no limit? Many struggle with a constant feeling of hunger: We have put together for you the reasons for this and what you should eat to defeat hunger!

Some days you could Eating without limit? Pizza, salad, a delicious dessert and an hour later cake again. If you are familiar with such eating habits, find out why you are constantly hungry have. You can get your hunger under control with a few good tricks, proper fillers, and a daily eating routine.

Why doesn’t my food fill me up?

There are many reasons that can explain how hungry you feel right after you eat it. A lack of routine, the wrong food or the wrong portion size: If you are always hungry, you have to change your diet a little. Because a wholesome and balanced diet is incredibly important in order to optimally supply and feed your body Curb feeling of hunger. The following tips can help you now:

  1. Run a Eating routine a. However your everyday life is structured: You should at least three fixed times where you eat and drink enough. Then you will find it less difficult not to snack in between or to cheat your way through the day with lots of small snacks.

  2. Check the correct portion size. A slice of bread for breakfast may just not be enough for you. Don’t be afraid of calories. Because if you lead an active life, you also need appropriate nutrients and amounts of food. Give it a try, for example for breakfast an apple in addition to eat or to have an extra slice of bread at dinner. When your hunger goes away, you have solved the problem.

  3. Look out for one balanced nutrition. In concrete terms, that means: Your plate for lunch should half from vegetables consist of a quarter of carbohydrates and the remaining quarter of a protein source such as meat, fish or tofu. Yours digestion will have to do with a large portion of vegetables and the fiber it contains for a very long time. A feeling of hunger is therefore impossible if you increase the proportion of vegetables in your diet.

  4. Avoid empty calories. Because above all Table sugar, white bread, Fruit juices or Cookies do not contain any whole grains or wholesome ingredients. White bread, for example, is digested much, much faster than a whole-grain variety. Your Insulin levels increases rapidly – and just a few minutes after you eat your insulin drops again in the basement. The result: the feeling of hunger returns. A breakfast with white bread and jam is therefore not really filling. Reach for something so called complex carbohydrates and load yourself up with lots of fiber from whole grains, oatmeal, quark, vegetables and fruits. The feeling of always being hungry will give way to a pleasant feeling of satiety.

  5. Sufficient water Drinking is also important to avoid constant hunger. Take you a glass of water every hour before – this way you get a good daily average and avoid food cravings between meals.

  6. Try not to eat really anything for a few hours between meals. So you can learn step by step how much you need to get through the day well and full of energy. You also give your body the opportunity To train hunger and satiety again. If you avoid snacks in between, you will be rewarded in the long run!

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Combat the appetite
These 7 foods will keep you free from cravings

Cravings is the number one enemy of the diet, because the desire for food and especially for sweets becomes overwhelming. These natural foods will help you combat your hunger for food.

What do hormones have to do with my feeling of hunger?

Your hormones can also play a vital role in keeping you hungry. Because yours fertile days in the cycle your Estrogen levels in the blood. On the one hand, this means that you get in a good mood, have more desire for sex and feel accordingly good. However, you also have more hunger. It’s almost like the more food your body prepares for pregnancy. If this does not occur and your egg cell remains unfertilized, your estrogen level drops again – and with it your feeling of hunger. There is not much you can do about your hormone fluctuations. However, it is especially important that right things to eatwhen you have your fertile days. You should also continue to adhere to your eating routine. Otherwise applies: Just give your body what it wants. You can easily make up for this on other days or with exercise.

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