Feet on the ground this summer

Feet on the ground this summer

How about letting go of your heels and enjoying the summer with super fresh flat sandals? But make no mistake! There are many options of flats to enjoy this cool summer.
Look at my favorites:



Photo 1 – To Bruckave / Photo 2 – Mangloga / Photo 3 – Dani Noce

Birken is a classic that came back with everything this season. In addition to being super comfortable, it goes well with almost every stripped look. If you don’t have any yet, choose neutrals (black, white, metallic …). But if, like me, you like brighter colors and want to give your birken a new look, look for the prints!



Photo 1 – Just the Design / Photo 2 – Pinterest / Photo 3 – Steal the look

The gladiators, who were a huge fashion a few years ago, have also returned to the scene! I like the ones with moorings more, without much structure at the back. This way, it is easier to adjust better in the calf and becomes a little more delicate. If you have thicker legs and don’t like marks, opt for the shorter gladiators (as in photo 2)



Photo 1 – Pinterest / Photo 2 – Pinterest0 / Photo 3 – Shoes to love

The rasteirinhas are classics of our summer, but how about betting on the open ones at the back? They are super trendy, they are mega comfortable and beautiful!



Photo 1 – Who’s Wearing / Photo 2 – Pinterest / Photo 3 – Box Naturals

Don’t be alarmed by the name “flatform”. It is nothing more than a flat jump, that is, a very straight jump! The classic is the white rubber sole, but there are variations like espadrille.

Lace-up sneaker


Photo 1 – Juliana Parisi / Photo 2 – Daily career / Photo 3 – Pinterest

They are the most closed options, but no less charming! I’m in love with this model! It does not leave the foot, it is elegant and super modern!

Where to find?


  1. Luiza Barcelos | R $ 169.00
  2. Protection R $ 390.00
  3. Luiza Barcelos | R $ 349.00
  4. Protection R $ 189.00
  5. Arezzo R $ 239.90

There are hundreds of options to choose from! It is better to run to enjoy this little black friday and guarantee your peers!

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