Felice – Drinks as desserts – RJ

Felice - Drinks as desserts - RJ

I can’t get enough of commenting on how I LOVE a candy. Since I don’t usually drink with meals, I sometimes choose a juice or vitamin for dessert. How about a refreshing drink to finish off a sizzling Saturday lunch here in Rio ?!
Opened in 1997, Felice Caffè occupies a charming house close to the beach, in Ipanema. Tasty options abound in this place that brings together three segments: restaurant, cafe and gelateria. In fact, the artisanal ice creams there are famous and one of the flagships on the menu. From them, bowls with homemade almond biscuit, ice cocktails, frozens and even lassi are served. Special flavors like chocolate with orange (<3), almonds and chocolate with pepper are part of the list with more than 100 flavors created with fresh ingredients and of controlled origin, following the Italian tradition.
felice nanda nunces ickfd2
Me and Mayc, my boyfriend, ordered the Raspberry Frozen Felice with mint tea and cachaça Fazenda Soledade and the Milan Kundera ice cocktail made with chocolate ice cream, cocoa liquor and brandy respectively.
The drinks arrived generous and overflowing in Martini glasses. My frozen came neat in cachaça, intensely refreshing by the touch of mint and with a sweet raspberry flavor. A balm for the heat! Mayc’s cocktail arrived a little thin, with an intense flavor from the drinks mixed with chocolate. This is not my favorite combination, but he was quite pleased with the choice. That’s what matters!
felice nanda nunes ickfd1Be it day or night, the clapper is right in Felice. Many gringos, young people, couples of lovers, people on laptops (there is wifi) and even dogs are part of the variety of people who enjoy the light, cool and relaxed atmosphere of the place.
Despite having reformulated and cut my favorite sandwich, the menu still has options for breakfast, snacks, pasta, sandwiches and meats.
Felice Caffè
Rua Gomes Carneiro, 30
Ipanema – Rio de Janeiro – RJ
Tel: (21) 2522-7749


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