Fermenting for the intestinal flora and the immune system – the healthy food trend

Fermenting for the intestinal flora and the immune system - the healthy food trend

Fermenting to preserve food has a long tradition – and is now back in fashion. In an interview with BUNTE, the pharmacist Cordula Niedermaier-May explains why fermented fruit and vegetables are so healthy for people.

During the corona lockdown, many rediscovered an age-old strategy in food treatment: fermentation. The expert Cordula Niedermaier-May reveals some exciting details in the BUNTE interview and explains why the intestinal flora and the immune system benefit from the old kitchen technology …

“If the gut is healthy, so is the human being”

BUNTE: Why do you think Ms. Niedermaier-May is this trend coming right now?

Cordula Niedermaier-May: Society turned too fast, we were all at the limit. Many have noticed: It cannot go on like this. And the new, good life begins with your health, relaxation methods, moderate exercise and, above all, with a healthier diet. Fermentation is an ideal option.

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Why are multiply fermented foods in particular so healthy?

Because the healthy contents of fresh fruits and vegetables are already available as molecules. This fermentation, so to speak, mimics the natural digestive process in the mouth, stomach and intestines. In the end, the soul of the plants has been highly concentrated and available in a 100 percent absorbable form. Nowadays, many people no longer chew properly, everything is swallowed quickly or they suffer from gastrointestinal problems. The good nutrients of a plant can then not get into our cells at all.

How can the positive effect be explained biochemically?

Several studies have shown that the function of our natural killer cells, which act as a kind of virus police for the immune system, can be significantly improved. This is especially important in times of Corona and soon the flu season again. But the entire gastrointestinal activity is also improved by the large amount of microorganisms in fermented products. And up to 80 percent of immune cells are formed in the intestine. The intestines must be healthy, then so is the human being.

Are you afraid of Corona yourself?

I’m not scared, but I don’t want to get sick! How to behave at the first sign of illness: rub a cold ointment with menthol, camphor and eucalyptus oil on your chest, put a warm towel and a pillow over it and let everything lie and lie down immediately. So far this has helped very well.


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