Fettlöserin Nicole She is Germany’s fattest nutritionist

Fettlöserin Nicole She is Germany's fattest nutritionist

One day she woke up thinking she was having a heart attack. For Nicole the warning that something has to happen.

Her name is Nicole Jäger (33) and she is the “degreaser”. Yes, actually, she calls herself that on her blog. But what kind of fat is the blonde stunner talking about? She did something that many people want: lose weight. Not just five kilos, but more than half of her body weight. “I currently weigh 168 kilograms. I am an elf. No joke, I know I’m still fat, ”said Nicole in an interview with Marians Welt. At 340 kilos, she was “honestly just shitty”. She was exhausted physically and emotionally. Only had pain and no more social life.

The turning point

When she woke up one morning and thought she was having a heart attack – when she was just in her mid-twenties – she knew it was time to change something. She set small goals. All of which reached them. She has also often thought of quitting. “Every Monday!” Says the degreaser. “Losing weight is not a walk-through.” When taking it, she doesn’t forbid anything. “But I think twice about whether I should eat the pizza now.” And she also says: “I’m still a long way from my goal. I want to be satisfied, to be able to fold down the table on the plane and, for example, sit at a table on the train. ”The supposedly most banal goal for many people:“ I want to fit into an ice cream parlor chair. It’s always those tight ones with the bars on the side. “

New goals

She has now made a job of her fate. She is successful as a blogger, writer AND nutrition coach. “The funny thing is when I’m at parties and say what I do for a living, nobody takes me seriously at first. I always have to explain myself. ”And she not only works with overweight people, but also with anorexic and bulimic people. Many of her clients weigh less than she. But it is accepted as it is. Nicole now knows that the problem of many eating disorders is not the stomach, but the head.

Nicole sees herself as a great friend of the truth, as she says. That’s why she doesn’t mince her words when it comes to her weight. That is why she is going on tour through Germany with her very honest stage program “I can do that, I’m fat myself” (tour dates can be found here). And maybe through her story she will inspire one or the other to consciously change their diet and lifestyle.

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