Fight against the diet industry You won’t find that on Instagram in the future

Fight against the diet industry You won't find that on Instagram in the future

Instagram announces the tightening of its own rules for advertisements. This is due to concerns about the contributions to diets and cosmetic procedures, which especially affect young users in an uncontrollable manner.

Instagram – When imagination and reality become blurred. In the age of social media, the social pressure for externals has increased enormously. In order to alleviate this burden in the “world of images”, the advertising-financed online service Instagram has decided to limit the distribution of paid advertising contributions in future and even to ban it in some cases.

In our addiction report you will find out how dependent we Germans really are and which addictive substances can become a problem.

Addiction report in Germany

Addiction report
Alcohol, tobacco, medication: that is how dependent we Germans really are

“I’m addicted to chocolate”, “Nothing works for me without coffee”: We hear such and similar sayings almost every day. Don’t such weaknesses make a person more likeable? While sweets and coffee are still the lesser of two evils, the situation is quite different with alcohol and intoxicants. The 2018 addiction survey report explains which addictive substances are becoming a problem in Germany.

The existing problem

Which brands is Kylie Jenner (22) currently wearing most? Which holiday destination brings the most likes? How do I get this flawless skin? These and similar questions arise in many minds around the globe. The innumerable impressions that flood us every day on the Internet are to blame for this. Instagram alone currently has around one billion users a month and 500 million daily, who share over 95 million posts on an average day.

Although we haven’t only known photographs since Instagram and Co., there is a clear change. In contrast to the analogue era, when pictures were mainly taken to capture experiences and important events, today it is more about self-portrayal and the staging of exciting leisure activities in order to be able to keep up with the competition. The currency for digital success are the double clicks counted in hearts, which illustrate the number of “Like” functions. The more likes and followers a profile has, the more interesting it is for brand and product collaborations and the more influence the advertising market has on the individual followers, who, as the name suggests, follow you at every turn.

With young users, the constant comparison and the resulting inferiority complexes and depressive moods also lead to increased incidents of bullying. In England, one of the parents goes so far and accuses the online platform of having contributed a large part to the suicide of their 14-year-old daughter.

Motherhood is probably the best full-time job. This is not so easy with tantrums in the defiant phase of a toddler. You can find out which trick you can use in this phase of your child here.

Annoyed mother with angry toddler

Defiance phase
Mom shares “life changing” parenting trick to deal with toddler tantrums

Motherhood is a full-time job – it may be the most beautiful in the world. And when the offspring also add tantrum to tantrum, it becomes even more exhausting. That makes this mother’s trick all the more helpful. Because he could always change her everyday life. Maybe yours too?

What changes?

In order to circumvent the negative public allegations in the future, Instagram started last Wednesday (September 18) to completely remove sponsored or paid posts on diet products and beauty procedures from the traffic. The rest of the publications that encourage people to buy or even display a price will only be visible to users aged 18 and over.

As Emma Collins, who is responsible for the implementation of the guidelines at Instagram, told the Guardian, Instagram wants to be a more positive place for all users in the future and reduce digital pressure. The same change in the regulations also applies to the social network Facebook, which became the owner of Instagram for a billion dollars in April 2012.

The sorting campaign will not spare superstars like Kim Kardashian West (38), with currently 148 million followers.

The Kardashian clan claims that it earns between $ 300,000 and $ 500,000 for posts with targeted advertising purposes, many of them for diet products and cosmetic procedures. Many influencers must therefore expect a loss of earnings in the future. We are curious how positive the process will be and what new niche will open up under the new circumstances.

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