Figure 5 tips for lean grilling

Figure 5 tips for lean grilling

As soon as it gets warmer, the grills are brought out of hibernation everywhere. We will show you how you can enjoy the barbecue season in a figure-conscious and slim way.

Finally the thermometer rises above 20 degrees, the days are getting longer and so are the nights. Barbecue evenings are firmly on the weekend schedule and you can look forward to good-humored company and delicious food. So that you keep control over your figure and get through the summer without any bacon rolls, here are five ways to make the barbecue season figure-conscious.

1. White meat

Poultry, especially turkey, is an absolute must on the plate of the figure-conscious connoisseur. The meat is low in fat, low in calories, and with a marinade of chilli and lemon juice it even helps burn fat.

2. Fish and seafood

How about ffish? Trout, cod and cod in particular are not only low in calories, they are also the perfect and healthy alternative to meat. Topped with fresh lemon wedges and herbs, drizzled with olive oil and braised in aluminum foil, fish is healthy, slim and delicious. If you prefer seafood, treat yourself to squid or shrimp: try a chilli and ginger marinade. This is how exotic delicacies are created.

3. Homemade sauces

Avoid ready-made sauces. They’re full of artificial additives, flavors, and sugar. Much sugar. Avoid this calorie trap and mix your own barbecue or salsa sauce because then you’ll know exactly what’s in it.

4. Homemade marinades

Even ready-made meat or ready-made marinades are fuller Additives whose names can hardly be pronounced. The only thing that is certain is that you don’t need the extra sugar and flavor enhancers on your plate. Homemade marinades are quickly mixed together, taste better and are much more flexible in terms of taste.

5. Stay away from spare ribs, cheese burgers, pork belly and sausages

Absolute fat and calorie traps are the popular grilled sausages and pork belly. You should also avoid spare ribs – however much they may tempt you. You can have burgers and meatballs if you know their ingredients and do without the fatty cheese.

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