Figure miracle She has lost 85 kilos

Figure miracle She has lost 85 kilos

She has lost 85 pounds. But instead of praise and recognition, Simone Anderson receives bad criticism. Now the 24-year-old shows who she really is.

She has achieved what many people dream of: Simone Anderson declared war on her overweight – with success! Within eleven months, the New Zealander 85 pounds lost.

Blood, sweat and tears: the 24-year-old shared her successes almost daily on Facebook and Instagram. “On August 29th, I made the decision to change my lifestyle and habits once and for all. I call it ‘Simone’s Journey to Health’, my positive lifestyle change, ”she wrote on Facebook.

“In the first eight weeks I lost 18 kilos. On October 28th I had a sleeve stomach operation. In eleven months, I lost 150 pounds.“- A success that the young hairdresser can be proud of.

But nobody believes you!

Simone shared on Instagram a before and after picture of her incredible transformation. “I am now officially half the person I was eleven months ago.” But instead of praise and recognition, criticism and accusations rained down. The users believed their pictures were not real.

“Throughout my trip I have tried to be honest about all of my experiences and to tell people what it really is like. To be labeled as wrong hurts a lot. ”Simone made up her mind too the downsides to show their success. For the first time, the 24-year-old presented her real me and published another photo.

“All that’s left is a large amount of excess skin on my stomach. During the whole process, I was in the gym almost every day, hoping to define myself. It worked on my arms and legs, but sadly my custom was too extensive to be able to recover. “

Now the 24-year-old wants to take the last step: “I want to have the excess skin removed so that I can live life in my 24-year-old body, I’ve worked so hard for, can live.”

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