Figure miracle weight loss without exercise and diet – that works!

Figure miracle weight loss without exercise and diet - that works!

Lose weight completely without exercise and diet? That would be fantastic. This new technology should make the firm body possible without any effort …

Who does not know it – unloved love handles are annoying, but no time or desire for exercise and diet? Or is it just not helping? A new method is now supposed to melt the fat cells without having to exert yourself: it is called “Slimyonik your Bodystyler”. The system was originally developed for medical rehabilitation.

It is about a new type of pressure wave massage that is supposed to get rid of body fat and cellulite. Test subjects lost around three kilograms after 12 treatments, and lost 10 cm of circumference on the stomach, 7 cm on each thigh and 8 cm on the waist. Sounds good!

The new miracle cure?

This is how it should work: The pressure wave massage increases the metabolism by up to 280%. The oxygen supply and blood flow to the skin and fatty tissue should also be activated. The lymphatic system is supposed to break down stored pollutants and waste products more quickly. The promise: The metabolism in the fat cells increases by two to three times.

Muscle building and the formation of new elastic and collagen fibers can also be expected. On top of that, the intestinal activity is stimulated and problem areas that cannot be treated with diet should be improved.

Goodbye fat

A session lasts around 40 minutes and there is no pain. And what does the fun cost? Between 10 and 12 pressure massage treatments are required, which takes 6 to 12 weeks. A session costs around 35 euros. Are we finally getting to the dream figure very easily?

You can find out more about Slimyonik here

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