Fil & Fog, the new generation luggage signed Fritsch + Durisotti

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I have always been sensitive to Made in France design. We are fortunate to have talents with exceptional creativity, and it is a great pleasure for me to promote the “touch hexagon” on this decoration blog. As you will have understood, the designers I am presenting to you today are French and they have imagined a revolutionary line of luggage. I fell in love with Fil & Fog the equipment signed Fritsch + Durisotti, combining design and functionality!

Fil & Fog, the partners of all our trips

Vacation time is approaching! To travel in complete zen, nothing replaces functional luggage. The goal ? Easily find your accessories and travel documents (you know, the ones you always look for at the last minute with a touch of annoyance!). This year, I decided to prioritize the organization, an essential factor for a successful journey. After several summers of desperately looking for my passport and my lost headphones at the bottom of my bag, I chose to bet on a practical AND aesthetic baggage. I might as well say that the Fil & Fog project echoed my needs!

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Fil & Fog adapts to you

But what is it exactly? Fil & Fog is a complete travel equipment consisting of a “duo” bag and 3 transport pouches. Ultra ingenious, these have been designed to protect all our treasures during our travels. Papers, laptops and work equipment are now protected from shocks and no longer risk getting lost! I loved the idea of ​​being able to fix the elastic bands yourself in each of these configurable “kits”. Thanks to their mesh surface, the inside of these three pockets can be customized and our belongings are thus maintained by made-to-measure supports. Simple in appearance, but above all easy to use. So we had to think about it!

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Fil & Fog, a backpack that makes sense

Equally ingenious, the backpack is made up of two compartments (hence its name “duo”). The pocket at the top is stretchy and waterproof, perfect in case of rain. The lower one is waterproof and secure. This equipment serves both as a backpack for daily travel, professional travel but also for leisure stays! It has the particularity of being able to decompartmentalise to increase its storage capacity, to be resistant to UV and to shocks and to have a reflective material to be seen. Who says better ?

And because images sometimes speak better than words, here is a little video that will show you this beautiful project by Fritsch + Durisotti. A project ? And yes ! Fil & Fog luggage is currently available for pre-sales at preferential rates and is waiting for you to start the adventure! If you want to participate in this ingenious design creation, do not hesitate to take a look at the dedicated crowfunding platform.

Fritsch + Durisotti, the multi-talented design studio

As we have just seen, Fritsch + Durisotti is the design studio behind the Fil & Fog project. Behind this name are hiding researchers at the origin of products that we adore. Together, they imagine objects, but also space arrangements, models and design prototypes to make our daily lives easier. Their credo? Offer beauty, practicality and functionality. Without forgetting to always put yourself in the user’s shoes! It is in this spirit that they imagined the Fil & Fog luggage quartet alongside other objects with clean lines. The full face diving mask everyone is talking about? It’s them ! The ultra design meditation box for children? It’s them again!

The premises where the Fritsch + Durisotti team works perfectly reflect the eclecticism of their know-how. Both a creation studio and a prototyping workshop, Fritsch + Durisotti is a place where design lovers work with passion on a wide variety of projects.

In addition, the members of the studio are unanimous: working as a team allows them to breathe great momentum into their projects! To create Fil & Fog luggage, they were above all inspired by their own issues. Daily problems experienced by themselves or by their relatives … How to transport professional equipment safely? How can you quickly access your computer, keys or papers? How to firmly maintain your work equipment during transport? These are all questions to which they have answered in a concrete way through the choice of materials, lines and configuration of their products. While waiting to see the Fil & Fog project come to fruition, I invite you to be inspired by the creations and arrangements of spaces signed by Fritsch + Durisotti on their website. They prove to us once again that in France, there is no lack of creativity!

French designer studio office Fritsch Durisotti decathlon snorkel mask

– So I fall asleep with them – I’m going on vacation to Corsica with them – they had to accompany my next nomadic trip… Fil & Fog in Stockholm in November, I have already made an appointment. And you ? Pre-order this way !

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