File cabinet in the decoration!

File cabinet in the decoration!

Steel archives have always been part of the decoration of companies and schools, but those who think that there is only this way of using them are wrong. The “lockers” are excellent options to compose the décor of the most varied environments in the house, see?

Photo – Casa eh Sua


I couldn’t start the post without mentioning the most common use of the piece! The offices accommodate the files very well and, in addition to composing the decoration, the furniture ends up being an extremely functional element ?

Picture – Arkpad


Drawers are also great options for open closets, which, incidentally, are very high. As not everything can be hung on racks, it is worth separating a space to store knits, embroidered and more delicate pieces. Lockers can still function as shoe racks, you know?

Photo – Haus Decoração

Like bookshelf

Larger and taller models can end up even in the living room. The piece combines a lot in environments with an industrial touch! You can either use the file as a cupboard, or remove some doors and turn it into a bookcase very cool ?


Photo – House Stories

As sideboard

The shorter pieces can even function as sideboards in the dining room, see? In addition to being able to store some dishes, the file serves as another support when serving lunch or dinner for friends or family.

Photo – Casa eh Sua

As bedside table

Did you find a very small model? He can end up in your room! Paint the piece in a more pastel tone and use it as a nightstand!


Foto – Buying a Beetle

In the kitchen

Are you a fan of more unusual pieces full of personality? It is worth refurbishing an old locker and using it in the kitchen. With a wooden board on top, the piece can become an excellent support!


Photo – Decoration and Invention

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