Finally a study reveals the best way to get rid of belly fat

Finally a study reveals the best way to get rid of belly fat

What could be better for summer: Israeli researchers have shown in a study that the best way to achieve a bikini figure is through the Mediterranean diet. Liver and belly fat disappear – a success for weight loss and health.

Lose weight effectively and do something for your health at the same time? Especially when the temperatures rise and the beach beckons, the topic soars up in the personal priority list. The question that always arises is: How do I best do it?

Scientists from Ben Gurion University in Beersheba now give a clear recommendation for this: the Mediterranean diet.

Mediterranean diet: vegetables, fish and summer joie de vivre help you lose weight:

Mediterranean plate

Mediterranean diet
Delicious weight loss with the Mediterranean diet

Thanks to the Mediterranean diet, most people in the Mediterranean region are healthy, slim and slim. We’ll tell you how they do it and which healthy foods they use to lose weight and why the Mediterranean Diet is considered the best diet by scientists.

Mediterranean is healthy

The most important result of the long-term study, which appeared in the “Journal of Hepatology”: The Mediterranean diet reduces belly fat and liver fat, thus helping to achieve the desired figure and protecting our health at the same time. The risk of arterial diseases, heart attacks and strokes is significantly reduced because these risks are primarily related to liver fat levels.

The Mediterranean diet is more effective than simply avoiding fat

The study followed 278 overweight people over a period of 18 months. The subjects were divided into two groups: the first group largely avoided fats (low-fat diet), the second rather carbohydrates, which corresponds most to a Mediterranean diet.

The participants in the second group could look forward to a lot of fresh vegetables and legumes, plus there was fish, poultry and only rarely red meat. The low-fat group relied on a lot of fiber, but above all on the strict limitation of the fat content, which was a maximum of 30 percent of the total calories consumed.

Causes of belly fat and what you can do about it, in the following :

Belly fat, losing weight on the stomach, losing weight

Fat pads
This factor can cause belly fat – and that’s how you lose weight again

Do you eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly, but the fat deposits around your core do not want to disappear? This can have a very specific reason: stress!

Relief for the heart and circulation

While the weight loss was almost identical in both groups, the measured body fat values ​​differed significantly over the months. The Mediterranean diet ensured that the liver, heart and pancreas were far more relieved of dangerous fats.

The proportion of liver fat, which is the most important indicator of cardiovascular health, has been reduced by 30 percent thanks to the Mediterranean diet. The percentage of fat on the stomach fell by 25 percent and on the heart by eleven percent

The scientists also rated a moderate amount of exercise as a supporting effect, which in particular melts the fat in the abdomen. A round of swimming and some beach volleyball, then a light meal with fresh fish and vegetables – what sounds like an ideal vacation day is a really successful day from a scientific point of view.

Quality instead of quantity: Harvard researchers reveal flaws in our diet.

Woman gives olive oil to salad

Scientists investigate
You can’t make this mistake with fat in your diet

Those who want to lose weight usually do without. Sometimes the amount of food is reduced, sometimes fat or carbohydrates are omitted. Researchers from Harvard now explain: Especially when it comes to fat, the crowd doesn’t play first fiddle. Quality is the key to success.

Losing weight for health: liver fat as a cause and sign of diseases

Professor Iris Shai, one of the leading scientists in the study, confirms: “The reduction of liver fat has a greater impact on our health in the long term than the reduction of visceral fat.” In doing so, she places the importance of liver fat even above that of the fats in the abdomen.

According to Shai, the results are suitable for developing a new view of our health when losing weight: “Excessive liver fat is no longer just a sign of health risks associated with obesity – including cardiovascular diseases and diabetes – but probably also one of the reasons for it. ”

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