Find Out What Is The Best Season For You
Find out what is the best season for you

Find Out What Is The Best Season For You

Luckily for all travelers who want to meet New York, the seasons there are very well defined. That is, there are rare times when you will prepare for a temperature and find a completely different one when you arrive at your destination.
Therefore, choosing when to go to the city is much easier. After all, just know what climate you prefer and research the tours that can be done during each month. Since we are here to make your life easier, we made a very basic guide with the main characteristics of each season – in addition to tips on what to do in NY ?


April, May and June

New York

Photo: Trent Szmolnik

With warmer temperatures and the beginning of the baseball, spring in New York leaves the colors of central Park even more alive. Whoever wants to take advantage of this time of year to enjoy the green areas of the city will find a super pleasant climate. Here on the website, you can find a full script around the city – with lots of beautiful parks and gardens!
The beginning of spring, which usually starts in late March, is still a little cold. So, take some warmer coats. The temperature in the other months rises, but still be sure to put some lighter clothes in the suitcase. A waterproof jacket or a good raincoat is welcome!


July, August and September

New York

Photo: Sam Trotman

In the middle of June, temperatures started to heat up. The climate in the city gets even more lively and full of outdoor activities, such as kayaking and a fun day in Coney Island. In addition, exhibitions of films and concerts in open places are also super common during this time of year.
In the luggage, take light and fresh pieces. However, don’t give up comfortable sneakers – you will spend a lot of time walking. And like any tourist destination in the summer, this is one of the times when New York is most crowded. So, avoid traveling there if you don’t have the patience for crowded places and long lines at stores and restaurants.


October, November and December

New York

Photo: Barron Roth

Beginning in late September and going on average until December 20, autumn in New York is known for its milder temperatures. At first, the cold is more present at dusk. And as the days go by, the wind tends to get even colder. As in the spring, the parks take on a different color. In this case, the yellowish tone of the leaves fills the streets and makes everything even more charming.
It is at this time of year that two of the main “parties” in the country take place: Thanksgiving and Halloween! Take advantage of your stay to participate in them and learn a little about the local culture. Oh, and not to miss the Look, don’t forget to bring a warmer jacket so you don’t get cold ?


January, February and March

New York winter is known for its freezing temperatures and snow. For you to have an idea, the maximum average is usually around 6 ° C. Therefore, take care in cases of cold and do not forget to protect yourself with thermal parts. If yours in Brazil can’t handle the cold, invest in a good coat bought there.
The cold of the last days of December is still not as severe, but the hint of thermal clothing is still valid. It is also worth remembering that all stores and restaurants have heaters, so you will not feel cold all the time.
Those who prefer to stay in the warmest places can make a neat tour with museums – the

Metropolitan Museum of Art is the most famous! It is also worth spending a little money and watching a musical from Broadway. For those who are not intimidated by the cold, a walk through Central Park with everything covered with snow can be a good thing. And one of the most important tours of all: skiing in the Rockefeller Center. If you want to know other things to do around the city on the coldest days, just take a look in this script.


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