Find out where to find the best sweets in Buenos Aires!
Find out where to find the best sweets in buenos

Find out where to find the best sweets in Buenos Aires!

It may seem like a lie, but I swear to you that I eat more sweets while traveling than at home! Although I love to taste delicacies in São Paulo and eat a few pieces of the recipes I prepare for the channel, when I’m away from home I spend 90% of my time on the street and, consequently, eat more.
It is practically inevitable to run into a confectionery or a cafe full of delicious sweets along the way, right? As I know that a lot of people also love to try sweets on trips, I decided to do a search for confectioneries, bakeries and cafes with great sweets in Buenos Aires. I hope this list helps you to find amazing sweets in the region you are visiting ?


Photo: Take the Fork

Small confectionery, cute decor, good location in Recoleta and, of course, great sweets! Smeterling is one of the most recommended places in this region. The house opened in 2010 and is still a success today, because the owner and confectioner, Isabel Vermal, does not give up participating in the process.
Despite having only a small table and the counter, here you can find traditional Argentine sweets with plenty of dulce de leche, as well as lighter options with coconut and strawberries for those who don’t like anything very sweet.
Address: Uruguay 1308 – Recoleta


Photo: José Pereyra Lucena via Travel + Leisure

Cookie base, chocolate ganache layer and very dulce de leche. Yes, this is one of Farinelli’s most famous desserts. The place has a more modern feel and also good options for savory dishes. They have two units in the city: one in Palermo and one in Recoleta.
Address: 2707 – Palermo | Arroyo 900 – Recoleta


Photo: @paniesdelicioso

With units spread throughout the main neighborhoods of the city (Palermo, Recoleta and Puerto Madero), Pani has a younger identity and always puts new creations on its menu. This is a good option for those who are traveling with a lot of people and need to find a place that has sweets for all palates.
Among the very sugary options there are some with Nutella and Oreo. Now, those who like sweets that are not so sweet will also like Pani since there you will find alternatives based on ricotta, cream cheese and lemon ?
Address: El Salvador 4827 – Palermo (click here to see the other units)

Vasalissa Chocolatier

Photo: The Address Magazine

Think of beautiful and super delicious chocolates, delicious truffles, chocolates with varied fillings and incredible ice creams! Sometimes that’s all we need, right? Vasalissa has a retro style that already conquers you for its beauty and is worth visiting. They have units in Recoleta, in Belgrano, in the center and in some points further away.
Address: Callao 1940 – Recoleta (click here to see the other units)


Photo: Facebook Malvón

Despite being known for its breads and neat brunch, Malvón is also an excellent stopping point for those who want to indulge in sweets. Among the options, there is passion fruit cheesecake, carrot cake, alfajores, almond croissant or dulce de leche, of course.
Aah, do you want another reason to know the place? The Malvón is housed in an old building from the 1920s at Villa Crespo. It’s the greatest charm ?
Address: Serrano 789 – Villa Crespo


Photo: Nucha Disclosure

I could not fail to mention one of the best known networks in Buenos Aires. Nucha has a touch of hipster in decor and is spread all over the city, seriously! The menu includes pies, cheesecakes, brownies, alfajores … Even if you are not looking, you will probably find a Nucha in the middle of the road and it is worth trying!
Address: Armenia 1610 – Palermo (click here to see the other units)
Do you know any other suitable place for a coffee with a sweet in the late afternoon? Tell us in the comments, after all, you know that I love the subject, right?

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