Finding the right protection These are the best contraceptives for all ages

Finding the right protection These are the best contraceptives for all ages

Contraception is a big issue for women. It should be safe, not harmful to health and appropriate to age and living conditions. These are the best options for every age group.

Contraception methods are almost a dime a dozen. But not every method is perfect for every age. For example, while a copper IUD often cannot be used in young women, the risk of the pill increases with age.

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So you should reconsider your contraceptive method from time to time and discuss it with your gynecologist. Here we show you which methods can generally be considered at which age.

Condom always works

First of all: a condom for contraception can always be used. If used incorrectly or if the condom bursts, an unwanted pregnancy can still occur. A condom prevents infection with sexually transmitted diseases.

Especially young people who do not live in a steady relationship, but sometimes have changing sexual partners, should therefore always use a condom and combine this with another method of contraception.

The right contraception for your age

up to 25 years

Sometimes the body is not big enough to use a copper IUD. Many hormone preparations are also dosed too high. At this age, a combination pill with a low dose and a condom are generally recommended.

26 to 35 years

You can continue to use the pill at this age and can also tolerate a stronger preparation. However, from the age of 30 the risk of thrombosis increases, especially if you smoke and exercise little.

A good alternative is the Nuva ring. You can introduce this yourself. It stays in the vagina for three weeks, where it does not bother you, and secretes hormones. You don’t have to think about the pill every day. After three weeks you take out the ring and get your menstrual period.

Alternatively, you can use the hormonal IUD that the doctor uses for you. It stays in the body for up to five years. If you want to have children beforehand, it can of course be removed.

You can find out more about how to find the right contraception for you in this article.


With or without hormones?
How to find the right contraception for you

With hormones, without hormones or natural contraception: There are very different methods of protecting yourself during sex. What is suitable depends mainly on the life situation. Also, not every method is right for every woman.

If pregnancy is not necessarily planned yet, but also not a major catastrophe, doctors also recommend methods of natural family planning, such as temperature measurement. The security here is not as high as with other methods. You have a natural cycle for this. If you would like to have a child at some point, the body does not have to regenerate first, for example after taking pills.

36 to 45 years

During this time, you can use the pill or you can continue to use an IUD or Nuva ring. A copper IUD is also an option after the first pregnancy. The changes in the uterus make it sit better and appear safer. This is a good, long-term method, especially for women who do not want any more children. In this case, of course, sterilization can also be worth considering.

If you are already experiencing the first symptoms of menopause, you can get a prescription for an estrogen-containing pill. It can reduce the symptoms. However, it also harbors the risk of thrombosis.

46 to 55 years

When exactly the menopause begins and when you can no longer get pregnant can unfortunately not be said in general terms. Doctors therefore advise stopping the pill by the age of 50 at the latest. This is the only way you can see if you are even getting your period.

And then: You have to use contraception for at least one year after your last period! Otherwise you can still get pregnant at this age, even if the probability is not very high.

You can easily wear an IUD until your late 50s. But you can also use a diaphragm.


Menopause is coming to an end, and if you haven’t had a period for a year, in most cases you are on the safe side. From now on it is said: Simply enjoy sex completely carefree. This is still possible in old age! But: Of course, if you change sexual partners, you should definitely continue to use a condom.

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