Fiona Erdmann fitness lie!

Fiona Erdmann fitness lie!

13 percent less body fat within eight days ?! Fiona Erdmann proudly presents the success of her hard workout to her fans. Nonsense! “Biggest Loser” means trainer Silke Kayadelen. It exposes the fitness lie of the former GNTM model.

She sweated and kicked for eight days! Fiona Erdmann (26) had gone to a fitness boot camp and trained to exhaustion. The former GNTM model presented her hard-earned six-pack and an unbelievable balance all the more proud. “Not a kilo lost on the scales, but my body fat percentage was reduced from 23% to 9.9%!”, Fiona wrote on Instagram about a selfie in which she shows her stomach.

13.1 percent body fat less within eight days ?! Some of their followers frowned at these values. “And we all know that these values ​​are impossible in a week,” wrote one user.

Is Fiona’s fitness record a fat lie?

Marians Welt asked someone who should know: Silke Kayadelen. Among other things, she trained the candidates for the weight loss show “Biggest Loser“And knows all too well what is possible. For them it is clear: Fiona’s result cannot be!

“Since there was no weight loss, it was all about a change in body composition. That means: A reduction of the body fat percentage with a simultaneous massive build-up of muscles. With a body weight of 60 kilos, this means that a fat loss from formerly about 15 kilos – equal to 23% – to now more than about 6 kilos – equal to 9.9% – should have taken place. After that, she should have built up 9 kilos of muscles with a fat loss of about 9 kilos while maintaining her body weight“Explains the expert.

For them it is clear: “Building muscle like this in such a short time is completely impossible from a sports science and nutritional perspective.

Incorrect fat percentage

The fitness expert also found the underlying data in Spanish: “Furthermore, it is doubtful whether the initial body fat percentage of 23 percent corresponds to the truth. Fiona Erdmann works as a model and is a slim and tall woman. The average body fat percentage for models is between 12 and 18 percent. The picture from the beginning of the weight loss boot camp that can be seen on the Internet shows a woman with a body fat percentage of a maximum of 17-18 percent. This is also indicated by your BMI of 20 – 175 cm tall and 60 kilos. “

“That makes me really angry!”

In summary, Silke Kayadelen says: “I consider Fiona Erdmann’s statement to be unrealistic, because if the body fat percentage is reduced and the weight is not reduced at the same time, it is absolutely not possible to build up about 8 kilos of muscle in a week. In addition, women build muscles much more slowly and to a lesser extent than men anyway. “

Whether consciously or unconsciously – Fiona’s fitness cheating is sending completely wrong signals and that is why Silke Kayadelen says: “That makes me really angry. Because not only overweight women come to me, but also normally built. With them it arouses false expectations. You then have complete unrealistic ideas and unnecessary diets, starvation and this can lead to anorexia. Therefore, such photos and statements really annoy me! ”

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