First day in Austin: Wool poncho and earthy tones at SXSW


Yesterday the day was super profitable! There are many lectures at SXSW and you are totally with FOMO – which is exactly the fear of being left out of what is going on. That’s why Paulo and I split up, so we got to see six lectures instead of three and then exchange experiences about them at the end of the day, which is wonderful.
Of the ones I saw, two were incredible. One was about creating branded content in a native way, where the content is really thought to be something relevant and important to the consumer, even if the brand was not there. I always do this in my publications, it is really a constant concern of mine, because I do not want to lose the authenticity of my content. So it’s good to see that there are other people (creators and brands) concerned with this too.
The second was about advertising of the future and about beacons, which in general is a transmitter that, through an app, helps you remember things you have to buy, or suggests something in a store, among other things. It is still in the testing and data capture phase, but it is something we will have in the near future.
At the end of the day we got the ticket to The Strokes’ show which was super exclusive (only 200 people) and you can already imagine my excitement, right? If you can’t, run on the snap: daniellenoce that I showed you everything there and a little more of my day too! In my insta (@nocedanielle) also has video of the show maraa!

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