First day in Iceland!

First day in Iceland!

I couldn’t be happier with a trip! Iceland is one of my favorite places in the world and of course I will tell you everything about our trip to this wonderful country!
At the airport, I worried about choosing a super warm look, because the weather here is not at all pleasant.
In addition, the pieces needed to be very comfortable, they are more than 16 hours of flight.
Upon arriving in Reykjavík, the capital and largest city in the country, we went to our hostel, KEX. The place is very modern, has an amazing bar and a super delicious food! Our stay was great, I recommend it highly ?
It’s so cute there that I had to post a lot of pictures at my instas: @nocedanielle and @notanissue. In fact, I’m always updating my social networks with photos from the trip!
We save the best for the end of the day: Dill Restaurant! This is considered to be the best restaurant in Iceland and of course we would not stop eating there.
The tasting menu is absurd !! They only work with ultra fresh products and the cuisine is modern Nordic. It was a wonderful dinner on the first day, just imagine what is yet to come!
Always follow my snap: Daniellenoce, I tell every detail of the trip there!

  1. Pants | A.Niemeyer
  2. Knitting blouse | Kate Spade
  3. Coat | Reinaldo Lourenço
  4. Tennis | Adidas
  5. Purse | Calvin Klein

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