Fit and healthy through the summer despite the heat? That’s how it works

Fit and healthy through the summer despite the heat?  That's how it works

Our health expert will give you tips on how to get through the summer fit and healthy and what you should pay attention to in higher temperatures.

Slowly but surely it has become summer in Germany! The high temperatures lure us outside, where we spend a lot of time. But, do you do sports regularly despite the nice weather and do something for your health? Sometimes it’s not that easy when it’s much nicer in the café or beer garden.

Stay active in sports!

Getting fit through the summer means one thing for you first and foremost: stay active! Because it is important for your health and your physical fitness that you exercise regularly. This works best if you adapt your training to your everyday life. So if you prefer to spend your free time in the swimming pool than in the gym, you can integrate swimming into your everyday life as a workout on these days. Alternatively, you can create time slots for yourself and, for example, go to the gym in the morning, but move endurance sessions outside. There are many options, see what suits you and your everyday life best. You will only have lasting training success if this is appropriate.

Stay fit together

Not only is much more fun together, the motivation is also greater! Maybe you will find a girlfriend or boyfriend – or preferably several friends with whom you can do sports together? Together you can not only do sports regularly, but also carry out special activities, such as B. canoeing or water skiing. On the one hand it is a nice excursion in nature and on the other hand you are active!

What to watch out for in high temperatures

For many people, exercise is out of the question at higher temperatures. However, for your long-term training success it is important that you remain active all year round and that you do not miss out on training in summer. If you follow a few tips, training can go really well in summer and at the same time you protect your health!

Drink, drink, drink

Ensure adequate hydration in summer – with or without training. In summer you sweat even without exercising and lose fluids as a result. If you do exercise, you naturally sweat even more. In order to replenish your fluid balance and to keep it permanently replenished, it is important to drink a lot! It is best to choose water or unsweetened tea (you can also let this get cold) so that you do not consume unnecessary calories. A little lemon in the water or tea makes for a nice refreshment.

Pay attention to the training time

Of course, everyone has to find their perfect time of day for training. In summer, however, the morning or evening is particularly suitable for training, as it is not as warm at these times as it is at noon. You should definitely avoid the midday heat. But maybe in summer it is even easier for you to get out of bed in the morning and incorporate a workout in the morning?

Building muscle is THE key to losing weight!



Weight training for women
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When we think of strength training, we immediately think of bare-chested muscles while pumping in the gym. Fitness and health coach Sabrina Wolf explains that women with strength training can tone and define their bodies even without bodybuilding ambitions and use the new muscles to stimulate fat burning.

  1. Sun protection

Protect yourself from the sun in all outdoor sports! It is best to wear a hat and apply a sun protection factor that is high enough for you before training. In addition, you can move your training sessions to shady places, such as B. a run in the forest or outdoor yoga in the park under a tree.

Outdoor sports

Endurance units in particular, but also training with your own body weight, can be wonderfully moved outside. Alternatively, you can of course devote yourself to training sessions in the summer that you might not otherwise do, such as swimming or stand-up paddleboarding – both are excellent full-body workouts. You can also do yoga or Qi Gong units in a shady place in the park or garden. There is a very special atmosphere there.


As always, the following principle also applies in summer: be mindful of yourself and pay attention to your body’s signals! Warmth and solar radiation are exhausting for the body even without physical activity. You may need to lower your training quota or level on some days. Be mindful of what your body is telling you and how you are doing.

Also, recognize the alarm signals, such as headache, nausea, dizziness, or feelings of weakness, which can indicate sunstroke. If these symptoms get worse, you should not contact a doctor as soon as possible.

Don’t forget the diet

To really lose weight sustainably or to maintain your weight, you have to stay tuned. A healthy diet will help you and you should stick to it in the summer. Eat a healthy and balanced diet, keep your calorie balance in mind and work with it depending on your goal. If you want to lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you consume – so the calorie balance should be negative. If you want to keep your weight over the summer, the balance should be balanced. If it is too high, you gain weight.

By the way, there are some products in the summer that have “hidden calories” in them. Ice cream stands and refreshing drinks lure in many corners. The latter in particular often has a high caloric value that is not even visible at first glance – you can only see how many calories a product has when you look at the nutrient table. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t treat yourself to these products: It’s the sum that counts! But you should have an overview of the number of calories.

Keep an eye on your goals

What is your goal at the moment? Regardless of whether you want to lose weight, maintain your weight or gain weight: have your goal in mind and act accordingly! Summer doesn’t prevent you from continuing to work on your goals – on the contrary, it helps us with them. Often we are more motivated and in a better mood by the sun and the high temperatures than in winter. Use this advantage for yourself and to achieve your goals!

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