Fit for the day Sleep well! This is how you increase your performance while you sleep

Fit for the day Sleep well!  This is how you increase your performance while you sleep

Healthier, more beautiful and stronger overnight? Every woman dreams of this. We’ll tell you how you can improve your sleep and thus yourself.

Sleep researchers at Stanford University in California have found that people who sleep longer at night are more efficient and are even in a better mood. Young female students and the effects of their sleep behavior were observed: If they slept ten hours a night, the female students had better results in their sports training and said they were in a better mood. The National Health Foundation in the United States also found that an adult should best sleep seven to nine hours a night. It makes no difference whether you go to bed early and get up earlier or prefer to stay up longer and get out of bed later.

What exactly is healthy sleep?

A healthy sleep consists of different phases of sleep. The first few minutes are called falling asleep. During this phase, the body relaxes and the pulse and breathing slow down. It is precisely in this phase that you wake up again quickly due to small disturbances.

Then you slide into the light sleep phase. Brain activity is limited to low frequencies. This means that the consciousness is switched off and the muscles are very relaxed.

Then the deep sleep phase begins. During this phase we recover particularly well.

Finally, we go through the so-called REM phase. REM stands for “rapid eye movement” (English for “rapid eye movement”). The brain activities accelerate and impressions, emotions and information are processed. What we experience and learn during the day is now brought out and sorted by our brain. Memories are moved from short-term memory to long-term memory. Every night we go through these sleep phases several times. The more often our brain experiences the phases, the better all impressions can be processed.

If you suffer from lack of sleep, important information cannot be stored and the emotional impressions cannot be properly classified. That can lead to a bad memory and and confused, irritable, or insecure do. That is why a healthy and long sleep is so important.

How does diet affect your sleep?

News - Healthy sleep through a balanced diet?

Healthy sleep through a balanced diet?

If you sleep poorly, your diet may be too one-sided. Because, as US researchers found in a study, diet apparently has an influence on whether a person has a sound sleep or not.

This is how you improve your sleep

So that your body and mind can recover really well at night and you can benefit the most from your sleep, you should learn a few Principles hold.

  • Exercise regularly being in the fresh air will help you work out properly and fall asleep more easily. The mixture of exercise, increased oxygen supply and a healthy body weight are beneficial for a good, restful sleep.

  • A healthy eating can have a lasting effect on the quality of your sleep. This includes not only avoiding caffeine in the evening, but also hearty, fatty foods make it difficult for your body to relax and sleep well.

  • As for children, the same applies to adults: A fixed bedtime ritual will help you fall asleep quickly and easily and sleep well. A regular routine before going to bed will prepare your body and psyche for the coming rest. This also includes going to bed at the same time each day. If you still find it difficult to calm down, try an evening yoga routine or meditation.

  • Researchers have found that watching TV before bed, in particular, has a negative impact on sleep quality. Turn off the TV and all electronic devices at least an hour before bed. For example, you can read a book instead.

  • To get a really good night’s sleep, you should remove all sources of interference from your bedroom. It’s best to turn off your cell phone or have it in a different room to avoid annoying notifications. Anything that could wake you up at night shouldn’t be in the bedroom.

  • They are also very important for a restful and relaxing sleep comfortable mattress and the right pillow. It is best to get advice from a professional in a specialist shop when choosing.

  • There should be one in the bedroom comfortable temperature to rule. Experts recommend around 18 ° C. This helps so that the body does not have to worry about temperature regulation.

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