Fit on vacation Sport and healthy eating while traveling – yes, that works!

Fit on vacation Sport and healthy eating while traveling - yes, that works!

Eat as much as possible and then hang around on the sun deck – this is how many people still imagine a cruise. The shipping companies have long been courting a young, active target group. Surf waves, personal trainers and healthy food await on the ships.

The sun shines pale from between two veils. The wind sweeps in gusts over the rippled water of the pool. This morning the thermometer shows twelve degrees in the Northern European Sea, somewhere west of the Norwegian coast.

Maurice from the coaching team of “Mein Schiff 5” taps from one leg to the other, freezing. “Before that, I was in the Caribbean,” he says. «“ I think I’d need a hat here. ”The guests, on the other hand, don’t mind the weather. It certainly doesn’t keep them from doing their morning sports program in the pool. They don’t just want to be relaxed, no, they also want to be fit and healthy disembark at the end of the holiday.

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The shipping companies have now adjusted to these guests. Gone are the days when cruise passengers feasted their way through the restaurants without taking a break and then lay on the lazy skin. German and American ships have long since become temples of physical exercise and, yes, of healthy and balanced eating. At least for those who want.

Shipping companies offer the full range

The offer ranges from huge fitness studios to climbing walls to surfing simulators, from healthy menus to entire restaurants in which one looks in vain for thick sauces and sugary desserts.

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If you want to take a sporty approach to the rich food offer, you should go on a seven-day trip with two to three sports units, says Anna Wiesauer. The sports scientist from Austria sometimes works as a trainer on the “Mein Schiff 5”. Almost all shipping companies offer sports courses with a different focus – from aquafit in the pool (even at twelve degrees in the North Sea) to yoga and challenging full-body training.

From climbing to walking tours – ships offer something for everyone

Many ships from US shipping companies also offer fun sports. The newest member of the “Royal Caribbean” fleet – the “Symphony of the Seas” – has a climbing wall around twelve meters high and an artificial surf wave to offer. “Aida Cruises” and “Tui Cruises” have mountain bikes and pedelecs on board, with which sporty guests can also keep fit on land. In some ports jogging or walking tours are also offered.

You can stay fit even without sports

But you can also exercise properly on board a cruise ship aside from the actual sporting activities.

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Taking the 10,000 steps per day given by experts as a target is no problem on a ship the size of the “Mein Schiff 5” on a normal day at sea.

A healthy diet also works on the cruise ship

There remains the food. And it doesn’t really matter which ship the guest plows through the sea on: it is omnipresent. While countless restaurants await guests on the lower decks, burger stations, doner kebab shops or – very nasty – ice cream parlors lurk right next to the pool.

Nevertheless, the shipping companies try to provide assistance here too: “Aida Cruises”, for example, has set up stations with healthy dishes at the buffet. They are marked with the note “Body & Soul Food”. “Royal Caribbean” offers “Vitality Menus”. “Celebrity Cruises” focuses on healthy cuisine, especially in the “AquaSpa-Café”.

This is behind the healthy offer from “Tui Cruises”

“There are still those who want to feast on a cruise,” says Wolfgang Kiessling, Executive Chef on “Mein Schiff 5”. In order to meet the increasing demand for healthy dishes, “Tui Cruises” has also created “very healthy” menus. They are offered in all main restaurants, and the new “Mein Schiff 1” even has its own restaurant for fans of healthy food. The concept is not just about saving calories. “We use the” very healthy “offer also, if possible, unprocessed dishes and pay attention to a balanced composition. “

Drinking allowed – but in moderation

However, crusaders often consume calories not only in solid, but also in liquid form. After all, there is beer, wine and sticky-sweet cocktails wherever you look. Health-conscious crusaders shouldn’t underestimate this, says trainer Anna Wiesauer. Alcohol contains plenty of calories and, above all, lots of sugar. A small glass of white wine (0.1 liter), for example, has around 70 calories. Too much alcohol also thwarts the sports program. As with food, the motto here is: keep moderation.

The ladies and gentlemen in the pool obviously did that. In any case, they plow giggling through the water very early in the morning and also skillfully balance the ship movements in the troubled North Sea. In the whirlpool, the question then arises as to how long breakfast is actually served. Nobody knows. There’s always a snack waiting somewhere on this ship.

Yes, it’s okay, healthy cruising. A bit of goodwill is definitely part of it.

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