Fit with a healthy diet The 5 best nutrition tips from star coach Kimberly Snyder

You are what you eat: how Jessica Alba achieves her dream body in a healthy way

When it comes to healthy eating, there is no getting around Kimberly Snyder in Hollywood. The list of people she’s already helped with her diet tricks is as prominent as it is long. We have put together your best nutrition tips for you.

Healthy and Slim with Kimberly’s Healthy Eating Tips

Young, flawless, beautiful – that is the credo of Hollywood stars. If you want to achieve this ideal in a natural way, you put yourself in the hands of nutrition coach Kimberly Snyder. The nutritionist, blogger and author is the icon when it comes to healthy eating. Famous stars like Chris Hemsworth, Hilary Duff and Ben Stiller have had their nutrition plan drawn up by Kim.

To save you the long flight to Los Angeles and since appointments with Kimberly are really hard to come by, we have listed her best nutrition tips for you here.

Nutrition tips # 1: listen to your body

Your body knows best what it needs and when. For example, people always say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it doesn’t have to be true for you personally. If you are not hungry in the morning, then do not eat.
Also, never eat just because you feel obliged to. For example, because everyone is eating or your diet plan tells you to. When your tummy calls in, it’s time for a meal. If you feel full, this is the right time to stop.

Nutrition tips No. 2: Eat vegan as often as possible

Plant-based foods provide you with almost all of the nutrients you need and bring your body into balance. The high proportion of fiber supports your digestion and helps you lose weight. It is best of all if you eat fruits and vegetables unprocessed and in their natural state, advises nutrition expert Kimberly Snyder on “”.

You also want a dream body like actress Jessica Alba? With these tips your dream will come true!

You are what you eat: how Jessica Alba achieves her dream body in a healthy way

Star Body
You are what you eat: Jessica Alba forms her dream body with these foods

Who says sex appeal and family don’t go together? Model Jessica Alba has three children and is absolutely in shape. We reveal your ultimate tips for a great and natural look.

Nutrition tips No. 3: In the morning, a glass of hot water with lemon juice

Lemon juice acts like a cleanser for the body: It stimulates the secretion of bile from the liver, promotes the work of the colon and supports your body in removing waste materials.

Nutrition Tips # 4: Focus on your life, not your diet

Just a few decades ago, overweight people were the exception. And all without counting calories. People simply moved more and ate more healthily. So focus on what you are doing. Eat healthy, but eat yourself full. Only then do you have enough energy to achieve full performance; whether at work or during sports. Eating is a natural part of life, as is getting enough exercise.

Nutrition tips # 5: Add probiotics to your diet

Probiotics support your digestion and stimulate your immune system. In the past, people consumed the small beneficial insects directly from the garden, primarily through unwashed vegetables. In our sterile world we now have to help artificially. Kimberly Snyder, for example, swallows two probiotics capsules a day.

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