Fitness drinks Drinks while exercising – these are the best!

Fitness drinks Drinks while exercising - these are the best!

Regular exercise will keep you in shape, maintain your health and contribute to a long and active life. At the same time, it is always an extreme burden for your body. Drinks are the easiest and fastest solution to support them in regeneration, to promote muscle building and to replace minerals lost through sweat. We’ll tell you which ones make sense and which ones don’t.

What should a good fitness drink contain?

1. Minerals

Sweat cools you down during exercise, but at the same time it also flushes out important minerals such as Sodium, calcium or magnesium out of your body. That’s why it tastes so salty. The sports drink of your choice should therefore be rich in precisely these minerals.

2. Carbohydrates

Your body needs energy for all activities. Not only during sport, but also for regeneration after training. The easiest way to get it this about carbohydrates. Even if you’re exercising to shed a few extra pounds, a little sugar is important. Because as strange as it sounds: In order to be able to break down fat, a body also needs energy.

3. Proteins

Proteins, i.e. protein, are the basic building block for your muscles. So if you are training primarily to build muscle mass, an extra helping of protein is a good thing.

However, you should always have protein-containing drinks only shortly after the workout consume, because proteins are digested slowly and are heavy in your stomach.

Protein shakes support weight loss and help build muscle

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In connection with a healthy diet, protein powder is increasingly being touted as a true miracle cure – but what is actually behind it?

Which drinks are eligible?

1. Water

Water always works. For one, you replace with one Mineral water the fluid lost when sweating, on the other hand it also contains a lot of mineralswhich are also excreted in sweat. Pay particular attention to a high sodium content. We recommend still water, as it is easier for your stomach to digest.

2. Soft drinks

Lemonades, iced teas and energy drinks are completely unsuitable as fitness drinks. Their high sugar content not only makes them real calorie bombs – above all, they are hypertonic drinks. That means they have one higher solute concentration than your blood plasma and your body has to dilute the drink firstbefore he can process it. The end result is even more thirst.

3. Apple spritzer

According to the German Sports Association, apple spritzer as a sports drink is the ideal choice. That takes care of Mixture of juice and mineral water. The fructose quickly supplies your body with important energy and the water replaces lost salts and minerals. As with mineral water, make sure that it has a low carbon dioxide content.

4. Beer

For many people, having a beer is simply part of their workout routine. But be careful, not every cold hop spritzer is isotonic, i.e. able to replace lost fluid. Only non-alcoholic beer reliably gets your fluid balance going again. Many manufacturers also label their bottles accordingly.

5. Sports drinks

Sports drinks, also called isodrinks, contain a high proportion of carbohydrates, minerals and sometimes amino acids and vitamins, but according to the German Nutrition Society only useful for competitive athletes. A large bottle of apple spritzer is sufficient for amateur athletes.

If you reach for a sports drink, always pay attention to the sugar content. Some supposed fitness drinks have more calories than a cola.

5. Smoothies

Smoothies, i.e. mixed drinks made from fruit, yoghurt, vegetables and herbs can be real miracle cures for your regeneration. If they are freshly made! Only then can you be sure that they contain sufficient vitamins, carbohydrates and protein. Ready-made smoothies from the supermarket are usually bursting with sugar. So always grab a mixer yourself or order a hand-made fruit drink at the sports bar you trust.


Smoothie ideas
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Whether red, yellow or green – smoothies are not only very tasty, they are also incredibly healthy!

6. Protein shakes

Protein shakes are particularly suitable for strength athletes who want to build muscle specifically. As a drink for They are not suitable for balancing the fluid balance. It’s best to have your protein shake within 45 minutes of your workout. This is how you achieve the best possible effect.

Proper nutrition before exercise affects performance and training results.

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Regardless of whether you are an occasional jogger or a professional athlete: It all depends on the right diet before exercising.

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