Fitness expert Michael Limmer Slim in your sleep – doesn’t have to remain a dream!

Fitness expert Michael Limmer Slim in your sleep - doesn't have to remain a dream!

After this statement, many of my clients often look at me with big eyes in disbelief at the first consultation. First of all: Of course, it won’t work all by itself, but if you pay attention to three points, have motivation and a little discipline, this is possible for each of us.

1) activate muscle fibers.

The muscles are the furnace in which we burn calories. If we activate our muscle fibers, the basal metabolic rate automatically increases. This means we burn more calories even when we sleep. If you want to lose weight, I first recommend training to strengthen yourself with submaximal loads. The training can ideally be supplemented with regular endurance training. In order to heat up your stove as effectively as possible, three to four training units per week are recommended. I will show you how to train properly every week in my video blog “be limmer – be fit, powered by Marians Welt” – click on it and join in!

With this work-out for the whole body you can optimally activate your muscle fibers:

2) Get enough sleep!

Sleep is important for two reasons. On the one hand, our body needs time to regenerate, especially on days when we train. Sufficient sleep, as simple and banal as it may sound, is ideal for this and is often underestimated in this context. On the other hand, of course, we also eat more when we are awake longer. Especially on the couch in front of the television there are frequent cravings for chocolate and chips. So: just go to bed a little earlier!


Fitness expert Michael Limmer
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3) eat properly!

Don’t worry – I won’t come with a new super diet that has the yo-yo effect preprogrammed. You should only pay attention to two points: 1. Try to avoid carbohydrates in the evening 2. Try to consume food that boosts your metabolism. Examples are: chilli, ginger, lemons, almonds, blueberries, apples – with the skin! Protein-rich foods such as eggs and salmon are also recommended.


Fitness expert Michael Limmer
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