Fitter, leaner, more beautiful? Protein shakes really do that

Fitter, leaner, more beautiful?  Protein shakes really do that

We cannot live without protein. We need proteins to build cells and muscles, to feel fit or to lose extra pounds faster. Do protein shakes help to meet the daily protein requirement, who are they suitable for and what is in a good powder? Expert Thorben Schütt, personal trainer and nutritionist from “Hulk & Harmony” has answers to the most important questions.

Everyone should pay attention to a sufficient supply of protein, Schütt also knows: “Protein is the most important component of the muscles.” Muscles, cells, enzymes and hormones are made from it. Our body consists of ten to twelve kilograms of protein, 60 percent of which is stored in the muscles. “If you want to maintain or build up muscles, the body must be supplied with a corresponding amount of proteins,” Schütt continues. If we lack protein, our muscles dwindle. Proteins help weight training to build more muscle mass as well as repair and renew muscle tissue.


5 signs you should be eating more protein!

Since every single cell in the body needs protein, you should always provide your body with enough protein. Find out how to recognize protein deficiency here!

What are the benefits of protein shakes and how much protein is healthy?

If you want to maintain or build up your muscles, you have to eat enough protein. Schütt explains: “An optimal protein supply is therefore not only important for strength athletes and those who want to lose weight, but also for everyone who simply wants to live better, leaner and healthier lives.” There are various proteins that are processed by the body at different speeds. The whey protein (whey protein) gets into the body quickly, while the casein is broken down more slowly. Endurance athletes are enough with 1.2 to 1.4 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, for strength athletes who want to lift a lot of iron, 1.7 to 1.8 grams can be a bit more. Don’t worry: According to Schütt, there is no such thing as a protein overdose.

Protein shakes support weight loss and help build muscle

What you should know about protein powder

In connection with a healthy diet, protein powder is increasingly being touted as a true miracle cure – but what is actually behind it?

When is the best time for that extra portion of protein?

“Be it after getting up, on training days, directly before or after exercise, on non-training days or right before bed – the market has the right proteins for every situation – in the form of whey proteins or whey isolates, multi-component proteins or vegan proteins and bars “, Says Schütt. Who needs which proteins in which concentration depends on various factors. Sports ambitions play just as much a role as training intensity.

What’s in a good protein shake?

Since the body can process animal protein better than vegetable protein, many protein shake manufacturers rely on high-quality whey proteins. They should be free from soy and gluten and made without synthetic sweeteners such as aspartame and without genetic engineering, the expert advises.

Do protein shakes fit into every diet?

“Protein shakes are allowed as part of a low-carb diet like Atkins and the Glyx Diet,” explains Schütt. The only thing that would not go well with a paleo diet is because processed foods are avoided here.

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