Flamingos always!

Flamingos always!

Do you know when you love a pattern and out of nowhere it starts showing up everywhere? In the last few months, flamingos have not stopped appearing in some way to me: on Instagram, on the street, in stores … Of course, they have already become a mini obsession!

Foto – Pinterest

I decided to research and see if flamingos were really everywhere or if it was in my head. Guess what? I found everything! Flamingos are really dominating the prints of clothing and decorative objects.
I found pieces so beautiful that I had to make this post and share the things I loved the most ?

In decoration


  1. Store House | R $ 42.00
  2. Souq R $ 69.00
  3. Imaginarium R $ 17.90
  4. Collector 55 | R $ 150.00
  5. Imaginarium R $ 49.00

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