Flavored water

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Water is the best moisturizer for the body, in addition to all that old (and true) story that it was good for everything. It is no wonder that our body is made up of about 70% of it. The recommendations are to take six to eight glasses a day. How many do you take?
There are people who don’t like drinking pure water because they complain about the taste. There are people who love water and always carry a little bottle on their laps. There are people who need it, but don’t take it. For all these types of people, I have a tip that will leave you with … Well, mouth watering. ?
This super short video shows how to add flavor to the water with fruits and mint leaves. It’s almost like an alcohol-free punch. Of course, the option not suitable for children is much more fun, but today we will stay with the healthiest. The secret is to cut a few slices of lemon or orange and mix in a very nice jar. Ah, to make it taste more striking, just squeeze a little of the juice and mix. If you don’t want it to get too bitter, just peel the fruit off. A precious tip, too, is to exchange the version of still water for carbonated water and add some mint leaves. It looks incredible.

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