Floor to ceiling: the strips in the decoration

Floor to ceiling: the strips in the decoration

I believe that what I like most when looking for decoration references is to find unusual ideas that make the biggest difference in space. Researching wall coverings and paintings, I came across a style that attracted me a lot: the tracks!

Photo – Ricardo Esteves (Tumblr)

They can go from floor to ceiling or only form an L (ceiling + wall or floor + wall). I found this to be an excellent alternative for those who have a reduced room and need to share spaces without cluttering them, you know? A small room, for example, may have the bed area bounded by a different painting or covering ?
If you also liked the idea, I separated some images so that we can be inspired in the most varied environments!



Photos – Journal des Femmes, An Ordinary Woman and Alessandro Teixeira Chaves

I think the easiest way to create this track is to really paint the space. Do you have a small office area? Paint the region and make it a highlight in the decoration!

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