Floral Print + Yeah! Does it match?


Yesterday I went to record a special for the channel in Deliqate, but even though it was going to be something different from day to day, I had to run out of the house and put on this look very quickly, but I loved it too much.
Sometimes combining two different types of prints can be very complex and it doesn’t always look good, but I suggest you always try, because one hour works out and brings you a very different look from what is normally used.
Japanese women usually do this a lot with their ultra conceptual and fun overlays. Of course, we can bring this to something more usual and day to day.
Is that you? What types of prints do you mix?
Floral dress | Lola and Maria
Yellow Cardigan with Pineapple Embroidered Detail | Kate Spade
Pois pantyhose | American Apparel
Black Varnish Bag | Kate Spade
Doll sneaker | Arezzo

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