Flowers for this spring!

Flowers for this spring!

Flowers in every corner of the house! The floral prints give much more life and femininity to the environment. In addition to colors and movement, they make up the home decor very well. How about seeing the best ways to decorate using this print?



Photo 1 – Liz Marie Blog / Photo 2 – Mobly

Frames are simple, inexpensive and full of charm! The composition of several comics with the same pattern looks amazing in the living room or TV, for example.



Photo 1 – Atelie Gaaya / Photo 2 – Anthropology

Nothing better than a cozy and beautiful bed. How about leaving the room with a more Provencal face? The bedding with these prints are incredible in the environment! They give much more lightness and delicacy to the room. I like it very much when they are used in iron beds (as in the pictures).



Photo 1 – Homemade stories from A to Z / Photo 2 – Life in the city and in the countryside

Another simple way to bring spring indoors is cushions! There are a multitude of models and prints for you to choose the one that best matches your decor!



Photo 1 – Free Turnstile / Photo 2 – Ikea Spotting

In outdoor environments the best option is natural (or even artificial) flowers. I confess that I was dying to test the idea of ​​the first photo – a charm, right? You can also use fabrics, wallpaper or contact paper to cover a wall. As the prints are strong, choose to use on only one wall of the room.

Carpets and curtains


Foto 1 – Home Stories A to Z / Foto 2 – Minha Casa, Minha Cara

More abstract petals on colorful curtains or rugs! Dressing the house with these pieces always works! Bet on the print that best matches the environment. You can use pastel, strong, black and white flowers, large or small prints. Too many options!
It makes you want to color the whole house with these flowers!

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