Flowery skirt and Crochet for Youtube dinner


Today I ended up leaving the hotel a little late to advance some posts and videos for you and I ended up not seeing some lectures from the morning, but Paulo took care of that and went to accompany everything for us.
As I had a dinner at 6pm on Youtube, right after the lectures (yes, Americans eat sooooo early and I’m impressed with it), I ended up opting for a look that would make me comfortable throughout the day, but that would be consistent with a dinner which is almost a happy hour by the hour.
I chose a slightly pleated skirt with thick cotton fabric and flowered bands that add charm to the look. The basics were on account of the white crochet T-shirt, which brings a relaxed look and a touch of Brazilianness.
The turquoise sneaker brings color to the look along with the colored stone bracelet. The white bag (almost light beige) keeps the set harmonious and is big enough to fit everything I will need throughout the day. The scarf that you have seen a lot with me these days, serves to warm me up from time to time inside the cold rooms and still talks again with that story that I love from the mix of prints.
The hair gave me a naughty way of holding, but I don’t know if it does well! Did you like it?
1. Get out | Farm
2. Crochet T-Shirt | Lola & Maria
3. Sneaker | Anacapri
4. Scholarship | Vintage
5. Handkerchief | Grand Bazaar Istanbul
6. Bracelet | Fabrizio Giannone

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