Flu alert in Germany earlier than usual

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The flu wave has reached Germany: The number of infected people is currently increasing earlier than in previous years, reports the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin.

Since a particularly aggressive virus variant is rampant this year, experts are still recommending vaccination. People over 60 years of age, the chronically ill as well as doctors and nursing staff in hospitals are at risk and therefore candidates for the prick. The full vaccine protection is only built up two weeks after the injection, but the flu season is even longer. The vaccine has to be developed every year because the pathogens are constantly changing. There are also prescription drugs on the market that inhibit the spread of the flu virus, but they must be taken no later than two days after the first symptoms. Typical symptoms of the real virus flu are sudden high fever over 39 degrees Celsius, body aches, chills and a pronounced feeling of illness. Subscribe to our informative newsletter!

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