Focus on the ceiling

Focus on the ceiling

We rarely stop to think that the ceiling can be the highlight of an environment, right? We almost always prefer to leave the focus on colored walls or with amazing wallpapers, but sometimes the finish of the ceiling can make all the difference in a cleaner and simpler environment.


Picture – ArchDaily

You can bet on various coatings and colors to make the ceiling more worked and beautiful. Look at some super interesting ideas to get inspired…



Photos – Casa de Valentina, Glamor Brasil and Petiscos

A very simple solution that can modernize the decor of a room or a more basic room is the color on the ceiling! For those who want to make the environment more cheerful and fun, it is worth playing in the most open and lively tones.
Now, if your intention is just to bring an unusual touch to space, you can go without fear in gray, black and navy blue ?



Photos – Daniel Stewart and Figr

I love wood, especially when the finish is more natural. Some slats on the balcony, in the living room or even in the kitchen create a very modern and cool.
In addition, the material brings that more cozy atmosphere, don’t you think?

Plaster Moldings


Photos – Decor Fácil, Nico van der Meulen Archtects and Decor Fácil

Want a very different roof? Go from plaster moldings! Today, there are several ways to bet on this idea. The fitted plaster squares and the inclined slabs certainly attract a lot of attention.
If you have fallen in love with this idea, bet on the built-in lamps. Will the effect of this indirect lighting surprise anyone who visits your home?



Photos – Dana Tomic Hughes and ArchDaily

Do you like a more romantic decoration and rich in details? Delicate boiseries are great alternatives. Although its most common use is for doors and walls, the unusual effect on the ceiling is very charming!

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