Food check You can still eat these foods after the best-before date has expired
Food check you can still eat these foods after the

Food check You can still eat these foods after the best-before date has expired

Who doesn’t know it: if a food has only expired for a day, you throw it in the trash. You could catch something or get sick. But watch out! It really doesn’t have to be anymore. There are many foods that can be enjoyed long after the best-before date has expired. You can find out what exactly these are here.

It is not just by chance that the term “best before date” contains the word “at least”. It means that a food can be eaten without any problems at least up to this point. However, many foods can be enjoyed well beyond their best-before date. You can still enjoy these products after their expiration date:

canned goods

According to “Stiftung Warentest”, the minimum shelf life of canned goods is 18 months. But did you know that canned food is actually an almost unlimited shelf life to have? No! But it really is. Only the consistency and the taste can change over the years. It is not for nothing that many people bunker a whole bunch of them in their basement for a possible end of the world.


Even eggs can do it too up to three weeks can be used and eaten after the best-before date has expired. The prerequisite for this, however, is that they have been stored in the refrigerator for the entire time. However, if you are not entirely sure, just do the egg check: fill a bowl with water and put the egg in it. Fresh eggs sink to the bottom of the bowl, bad eggs come back to the surface. This way you can be sure that the eggs are still usable.


You probably wouldn’t have thought that, would you? Although yogurt is a dairy product, you can still use it Months Enjoy after the best-before date – unopened, of course! The reason for this is that the yoghurt is heated to a high temperature before it is filled in order to kill germs and lactic acid bacteria. But be careful: It’s best to smell it first after opening it and if everything is normal, then you can enjoy it without worry.


Noodles last well beyond their expiration date because they do not contain any moisture. Therefore it is not a problem to change the contents of the package a few years to keep. However, caution should be exercised with pasta made with fresh eggs. These should not be eaten after the expiry date.


As long as the Italian cheese has been stored dry in the refrigerator, it can after weeks to be consumed. However, when cutting, you should make sure that you do not touch it with your fingers, it is best to use a kitchen towel. If the cheese starts to go moldy at one point, you don’t have to worry. Just remove the affected area and it’s as good as new again.

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