Food for hot days 5 food tips for the summer

Food for hot days 5 food tips for the summer

In summer there are more important things than standing by the stove! So that you can enjoy the hot days culinary to the fullest and even lose a few kilos, we have a few tips for you.

1. Skyr quark

The traditional Icelandic dairy dish Skyr, in English quark, is the perfect summer food for hot days! Fresh from the refrigerator, quark can not only be combined in all sorts of ways, but also helps you to achieve a bikini figure. Skyr from Arla Foods is available in many different flavors: apricot-sea buckthornberry, blueberry-elderberry, raspberry-cranberry, vanilla and of course as a natural quark, so everyone gets their taste. Especially in the morning with muesli with fresh fruit and oat flakes, it will keep you full for a long time and thus prevents you from “over-eating”. Since it is rich in protein and has a low fat content, the blood sugar level remains constant and the kilos drop as if by themselves.

2. Low-carbohydrate diet, prepared quickly

Even if the heat inhibits the motivation to stand in front of the stove, there are healthy alternatives to frozen pizza. A low-carbohydrate diet sounds like a lot of effort and long, expensive shopping lists. But the low-carbohydrate dishes from Bofrost are exactly the right solution for healthy and quick cuisine. Chinese cauliflower rice, Italian broccoli rice or the cauliflower rice pan only need about 10 minutes in the pan before feasting can begin. And whoever stands at the stove for such a short time has plenty of time to enjoy the summer!

3. Milka Dark Milk Chocolate

Despite the beach body, a little chocolate has never harmed anyone. The perfect balance between delicate aplen milk and dark chocolate is now available from Milka! With a higher cocoa content, Milka Dark Milk tastes much more intense. Compared to the standard Alpenmlich chocolate, Milka Dark Milk has less sugar and a lot more fiber. In the evening, when the temperatures cool down, a piece of chocolate tastes twice as good with red wine.

4. Breyer Delights ice cream

It’s hard to believe but true: ice cream doesn’t always have to be a sin! With the Breyers Delights from Unilever, you can keep track of your calorie and sugar intake. If the sundae should empty faster than expected, that’s no problem either: With varieties such as: Salted Caramel, Creamy Chocolate, Cookies & Cream and many more, you can hardly resist. The vegans among us were also thought of with the delicious variety of peanut butter. To the spoons, get set – go!

5. Chocolate-coated cereal snack

Perfect for on the way to the lake, to the mountains or as a trump card in the picnic basket. The MyCorn snacks are ideal to take away and make your sweet tooth happy. A cereal pillow made of quinoa, oats or rye wrapped in chocolate also soothes the guilty conscience when nibbling. With the super practical, resealable packaging, you can crunch around happily. We advise you to watch out for the nimble fingers of your hungry colleagues when snacking in the office!

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