Food mimics art

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THE art and the life sometimes get confused, but have you ever thought about masterpieces with food? Art can also be confused with food! Proof of this, the artists Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Vik Muniz, Jason Mecier, Carl Warner and Ida Skivenes.

The first to create works with food was the italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo, before the Surrealism, Impressionism and Allegorism. At the century XVI painted portraits with fruits, vegetables, roots, animals and objects of everyday life.

The portraits had as kings models as Fernando I of Vienna, Maximilian II, Rudolf II from Prague and Augustus of Saxony. Your painting most famous The four Seasons in 1573, was made in a sequence in heads formed by vegetables like flowers, sheets, roots and vegetables. And each of them represents: spring, summer, autumn and Winter.


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Your works inspired big ones artists like Salvador Dali and some critics of time considered him crazy because of strangeness in your paintings.

The plastic artist Vik Muniz, natural from New York best known for the film Extraordinary Garbage. Feature film showing Vik’s creation process to create portraits using trash or food. The artist has already reproduced great works such as Mona Lisa with jelly and peanut butter, or still, images like that of Che Guevara, Elizabeth Taylor and Freud. The love for art with foods does not stop there, let alone the Ingredients, Muniz has already used: sugar, chocolate syrup and syrup.

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The American Jason Mecier creates your work mosaics with disposable materials, and mainly edible materials. Jason already used chips, fruit, sweets, spaghetti, crackers and even pills to make some portraits of faces more famous americans like Lindsay Lohan, Amy Winehouse, Obama and Michael Jackson.

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THE photographer Londoner Carl Warner created a series called “Foodscapes“, with images raised with foods like broccoli, sweets and fruit. The play on words defines your style fleeing the traditional landscapes and use a lot technique have already impressed many people. And to get your Photos, a production is performed in stages, to prevent anything from wilting before photography be taken away.



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Parents of Ida Skivenes or Ida Frosk must not have taught her that she cannot play with food. But disobedience helped Ida create her art with food. Skivenes using the bread as a base recreated works of Matisse, Picasso and Andy Warhol. Besides portraits renowned as that of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. It all started on the Instagram that today has 288k followers that was created in June 2012. In addition, there is a blog with photos of your breakfasts.



Source: Another Mag – Bronx 1985

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