Food of Affection – packed souvenirs for travel

Food of Affection - packed souvenirs for travel

“Food is feeling, too. It reminds us of our home, where we came from, what we live in, who we are. Each house has its own seasoning that adds to the task of nourishing the pleasure of tasting. Food becomes hot. But it is even more. ”
This is an excerpt from the beginning of Affection Food – Packed souvenirs for travel, by the authors Elza Forte da Silva Carneiro and Luciana Patrícia de Morais. Each page is filled with exciting stories about the relationship of food in people’s lives. Elza and Luciana chose real characters to assemble this collection of stories and recipes, beautifully illustrated by André Coelho. As a bonus, the team also recorded a documentary, produced by Luciano Coelho.
The launch of the book and the exhibition of the documentary take place today, at the Cinemateca de Curitiba, at 7 pm and admission is free. On May 24, the event will take place at Rivalzinho, a cafe at Teatro Rival (7pm) in Rio de Janeiro.
Let me explain better on the subject: the Food for Affection project was made possible by the Rouanet Law and the benefited institution was the Pequeno Príncipe Hospital, located in Curitiba. The Little Prince is the largest hospital of high and medium complexity exclusively pediatric in Brazil. It allocates 70% of its capacity to care for children and adolescents from the Unified Health System (SUS), performs approximately 311 thousand outpatient visits, more than 23 thousand hospitalizations and 20 thousand surgeries. All proceeds from the sale of copies will be donated to the institution.
“Inside the Pequeno Príncipe Hospital, we found people from all over the country. The conversations about food and the memories they awaken reveal various aspects of Brazilian culture. The research we are developing seeks recipes that have a connection with the affective memory of these people, ”says Elza F. Carneiro, one of the authors.
“Food is one of the supports of our identity and the pans, their smells, spices, ingredients and ways of cooking are impregnated in our memory. In the development of the project, food has always been the guiding thread and research has revealed different ways of being and perceiving the world in our territory ”says Luciana Morais, a social scientist who also signs the book.
book-food-of-affection-hospital-little-prince-marinamori-ickfdPhotos: Marina Mori (@marinmori)
“Comida de Afeto” also has stories and remarkable dishes by four renowned chefs and partners of the institution. Rodrigo Oliveira, from the Mocotó restaurant, shares some recipes with a touch of the hinterland, such as Crème Brûlée de Dulce de leche and Umburana and the Cashew Nuts and Burnt Coconut; Kátia Barbosa, from Aconchego Carioca, reveals the ingredients and the way of preparing the snack that was successful in every corner of Brazil: Bean stew cookie; Claude Troisgros teaches how to do Gnocchi who learned from his grandmother Ana; Laurent Suaudeau explains the step by step of some French recipes with a taste of childhood, such as Biscuit from Savoie aux Fraises (cake with strawberries) and the Boeuf aux Carottes (meat stew with carrots).
If there is a book you need to have at home, this is it. Besides being visually beautiful, you can’t help but fall in love with each of the stories and recipes that make it up. The book, which comes with the inserted DVD, will be on sale at the store of social products of Hospital Pequeno Príncipe for R $ 20 on this website. In addition to learning new recipes, you encourage culture and help others! ?

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