Food of the gods

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Everyone has come across a flavor and said something like, “This is a delicacy from the Gods.” But there is a scientific term called Theobroma, which means: Food of the Gods. And guess the scientific name of cocoa? Theobroma Cacao!
There are many delicacies in the world, but three of them are very special, in my opinion. Chocolate, wine and coffee. This issue of eating or drinking something that “elevates” you and makes you feel better has always been associated with “divine” in the history of gastronomy. What do these three delights have in common? The presence of flavonoids (tannins), antioxidant substances that give an astringent feeling, responsible for their color and flavor.
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Cocoa is native to South America. The Mayans and Aztecs in Mexico already had this fruit as a gift: the native Mexican fruit is Cacau Criollo, the finest of all species, also more sensitive. In the Amazon rainforest there is also a native species which has adapted to the Atlantic rainforest, called Cacau Forastero, and on average 70% of the world’s cocoa production is of this species. There is also a hybrid species developed from these two, the Trinitarian Cocoa, which is more resistant to pests.
To my surprise, one of the fruits I like the most, also has the term Theobroma, in its scientific name, is Theobroma Grandiflorum, cupuaçu. Cocoa and cupuaçu, thick-skinned fruits and white pulp do indeed have a divine spark, the two together then, are a piece of paradise.
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A Brazilian company, called AMMA Chocolate, produces a “chocolate” made with cupuaçu almonds, instead of using cocoa beans. I highly recommend this product, but only if you like bitter flavors, as it is 80%. They have several cocoa products, it’s worth knowing their products:
For a food recipe from the gods: cupuaçu mousse with dark chocolate ganache.

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