Food Tour: Paris

Food Tour: Paris

It is impossible not to indulge in Parisian cuisine. The dishes and desserts, with different flavors and textures, please most palates. I confess that I am suspicious to speak, since I lived in France for a while. Still, I venture to say that this is one of the places with the best food in the world.
For those who intend to visit the country soon, we have selected seven French foods that you must try. Ready to embark on a gastronomic tour of Paris?


Food Tour: Paris
Affirm that the best pizza in the world is made in Babalou it’s bold. However, this is the purest truth for me. Despite having already gone to Italy and loved the pizzas there, the flavor and preparation of the dough from this place is special.
Their difference is in the white pizza, in which the tomato sauce is replaced by a delicious
mascarpone sauce. The ingredients are super fresh and the dough is crispy in the right measure. To find out if you agree with me or not, already put the restaurant on the script!


Food Tour: Paris


Everyone should try at least one or two “street foods” when visiting a different country. After all, there is no fun in wanting to know only the starred restaurants. In Paris, the fast food that you can’t miss is the sandwich from In Alain Miam Miam.
The queue usually takes time due to the success of the “restaurant”. But, the wait is all worth it – the size of the sandwich is surprising and the taste is out of this world. Those who are vegetarian also find very tasty options ?


Food Tour: Paris

Photo: @pierrehermeofficial

Going to Paris without tasting at least a good macaron should be banned! So here are two suggestions: Sunday in paris and Pierre Hermé Paris. The two places make delicious macarons with flavors that escape the traditional. At Un Dimanche à Paris, for example, one of my favorites is ginger and lemon.

Puff pastry and breads

Food Tour: Paris

Photo: @thedailycher

Another typically Parisian delicacy is the croissant. In addition to it, several other incredible sweet and savory based puff pastry. In my opinion, one of the best places to taste dishes like these is in Bread and Ideas. The breads at this bakery are also delicious, all fresh and prepared using super traditional techniques.
Oh, and if you’re interested in trying the croissant from elsewhere, I recommend taking a look
next post.


Food Tour: Paris

Photo: @leclairdegenieofficiel

Like macaron, eclair is a super classic sweet from France. Better known to us as a “bomb”, this candy melts in your mouth and leaves you sighing in the corners. So, if you are passionate about desserts like this, I recommend a stop by L’éclair de Génie.
The confectionery bombs are not only delicious, but also beautiful. It’s that kind of candy that you start eating with your eyes, you know? The macaroons and chocolates in the store are also great ?


Food Tour: Paris

Photo: @mocochachocolat

We couldn’t leave France’s wonderful chocolates off the list, right? Stores like Patrick Roger Chocolatier, Mococha and Josephine Vannier are a reference when it comes to chocolate.
For you not to get too sick of the candy, I recommend putting one of them on each day of the tour. But, for those who are passionate about chocolate, it is interesting to take a tour of the city’s best known stores. What do you think of the idea?
Who ever went to Paris and tried something from these places? If you have more tips, be sure to comment ?

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