Food trend cake for breakfast? This food trend will actually help you lose weight!

Food trend cake for breakfast?  This food trend will actually help you lose weight!

Can you only eat salad and chicken to lose weight? Nonsense – because now you can do it with cake! You read that correctly: The new food trend is called Baked Oatmeal and is simply a perfect breakfast to start the day healthy.

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Jelly bread, croissants and chocolate cream: many people fall into the calorie trap at breakfast. This could come to an end with the latest food trend and that is, of all things, cake! Baked Oatmeal is a Sheet cake made from oat flakes, eggs, fruits and nutsthat can even help you lose weight. We explain to you how to prepare the delicious breakfast and can be modified according to your taste so that it gives you enough protein, vitamins and fiber.

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Here’s how the cake can help you lose weight:

Oatmeal should be on every fitness nutrition plan. You leave that Don’t skyrocket blood sugar too quickly, fill you up for several hours and let yourself prepare great.

Your Baked Oatmeal will especially help you lose weight if you supplement it with the right ingredients, such as protein powder. Proteins keep you full for a long time and support your muscle building – perfect if you also do sports.

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How to prepare your weight loss cake:

In principle, you can add any ingredient to your baked oatmeal that you would like to have in your muesli. The basic recipe for a small baking dish Baked Oatmeal includes:

Depending on your taste and fitness goal, you can also add frozen raspberries, apples or cocoa.

How to prepare your cake:

  1. First you mix all the dry ingredients (oat flakes, nuts, possibly cocoa) in a bowl.

  2. Mash the banana with a fork and set it aside.

  3. In the next step you whisk milk and eggs, add the banana and pour the mixture over your oatmeal and nut mixture. Stir carefully and finally add your remaining fruit, if you want some in your cake.

  4. Spread the mixture in a small baking dish and bake your oatmeal in the oven at 180 degrees for about 30 minutes.

How to pimp your breakfast cake:

Particularly tasty and still healthy will be your breakfast cake with sugar-free chocolate pieces or a calorie-free sweetener like Xucker. If you additionally Superfoods If you want to add, dried berries such as goji berries or cocoa nibs are great.

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