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FoodLab is another one of those restaurants / cafes in Los Angeles where you feel like passing by with a truck and towing the whole place to place next to your house and never having to make food again.
With the heat and dryness that has plagued LA in recent days, I can’t think of anything better to eat than salads, salads and salads. And for sure FoodLab is one of the perfect places for that (not that LA doesn’t have millions of these places around the city).
This restaurant was another one of the incredible recommendations of our dear Peele – who does not know the post modern cowboy can click here to see the vlog that I talk about him. And of course, again a super nice place with a good food too.
I am impressed with the salads here, as they are well seasoned and balanced in flavor.
Today I ordered an option with 3 salad bowls of my choice. I decided on a quinoa with pumpkin and chickpeas, a caprese that was extremely well seasoned and one with kale with parmesan and pinolis that was something out of this world. They came with 3 slices of bread and a butter. I also ordered a marinated chicken fillet that came cold. I’m nothing like roast and cold meats, like roast beef for example, but this one was really good. And with the heat it’s doing, it’s perfect.
This was also the place where I found one of the best kombuchas I took in LA! I’m seriously thinking about starting to make my own kombucha so much that I miss it when I go back to SP.
Paulo ate a salmon and cucumber sandwich, accompanied by a kale salad, which is like a curly kale. In fact, for me it is one of the best leaves that exists for salad, because the flavor is in the measure between slightly bitter and sweet, the consistency is firm and crunchy, which makes you salivate more and find everything tastier. To improve, as it is all wrinkled, it seems that it gets the sauce and all the flavors like no leaf would. It’s incredible! Who has never eaten, please try it at the first opportunity you have.
And if you think the place couldn’t be better than all of the above, everything here is organic, with lots of locally produced ingredients and, if you want to take it home or to a picnic and need cutlery and disposable plates, they will be 80% biodegradable.
How can I not love this place? Did you like it?

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