Foodstyling – Apples

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We have already commented that scene production is fundamental for photography. The click of fruits, for example, apples, can make all the difference according to the context in which they are inserted. I separated some small, opaque apples, from those sold in bags in supermarkets, and placed them in a bread basket (which I had already removed the handle). Underneath, a rustic towel in thick fabric with a slight movement under the table, simulating ‘waves’. It was enough to position the basket with the apples that it was already possible to make a very nice photo of them (different from what it would be to photograph them in the plastic bag).
As the apples were somewhat opaque, the ideal is to polish them with a flannel (just as I would if I were to present my teacher with the fruit years ago!). The more you shine the apple, the brighter it will become. Be careful not to pull the cable out. He is the charm of the fruit. If they still have that little green leaf, like a cartoon apple, even better. Preserve it!
Duly polished, it was time to give the apples that fresh air. That final touch that will make people look at the photo and have that sudden urge to devour them. As if each apple held a self-promotion sign: “Eat me, please!” Just sprinkle some water on them and you’re done! What’s up? Hit that urge to take a bite?

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