Foodwatch study shows unhealthy and greasy: You should put these foods back on the shelf right away

Foodwatch study shows unhealthy and greasy: You should put these foods back on the shelf right away

How healthy are our foods? This is the question that worries most people. But so far there is no simple labeling in Germany. The consumer organization Foodwatch has now rated 24 dishes on the basis of the Nutri-Score, which has already become established in some countries.

Ribs, neck steaks or would you prefer a fresh sausage? In summer temperatures, the grill is currently replacing the stove in many households. The question of what is being turned over the embers is always a new one. Of course, personal taste has the greatest influence, but price and variety also play a role.

Many – and more and more – people are also wondering how healthy the food in question actually is. Will the comb steaks ruin all plans to lose weight? At least for a popular selection of grill products, the consumer protection organization Foodwatch has the answer. You have tested various products using the so-called Nutro Score.

How harmful is barbecuing in aluminum foil?

Grill with aluminum foil, grill, dangerous, health, who, aluminum

Toxins in the food
Is aluminum foil hazardous to health when grilling?

We like to put aluminum foil on the grill to roast meat, fish or cheese in it. But at the next barbecue party you should consider whether you use aluminum foil, because it could be toxic and even harmful to health.

Nutri-Score: close to reality

The Nutri-Score, which was developed in France and is already valid there as well as Spain, does not only target the quantities of potentially harmful ingredients such as sugar, salt and saturated fatty acids. As a counterbalance, he tries to evaluate which healthy ingredients, for example fiber and vitamins, are contained in the respective product.

Afraid of neck steaks? Barbecue despite a diet

Diet change - grilling and losing weight: do they go together?

Diet change
Grilling and losing weight: do they go together?

You can grill healthily and even lose weight. If you take a few precautionary measures and tips to heart, you can enjoy the temptingly smelling grilled food without regrets.

From bright green to dark red: big differences in evaluation

First of all, it is noticeable that the differences are enormous, which is why the still missing labeling via a food traffic light is all the more regrettable. On the Nutri scale, products from one group even achieve a green A rating, which stands for the healthiest food, while others from the same group have to be content with a deep red E. They are therefore considered unhealthy, which many consumers do not realize when they buy.

Assessment of the specific product required

In the specific case, Foodwatch took a closer look at the marinated chicken skewers from Aldi, which received a recommendation with a green rating. The very high-fat pork grill torches, which you should probably avoid in most cases, fared quite differently. They only received the red E.

Most of the products were ultimately able to hold their own in the midfield, but there were also gradations here. According to “”, the vegan burger patties from Beyond Meat scored a yellow C, while the vegan chicken fillets from Rügenwalder Meat moved up to the top with a light green B. There, in the green area with the A, for example, the Incredible Burger from Nestlé landed.

Mustard, ketchup or mayo – that’s not just a question of taste, especially when it comes to losing weight. In the case of the specific products, the mustard was at least given a C – and would have done even better with a lower salt content. With ketchup it was an orange warning D, with mayonnaise only an E. Barbecue torches with mayonnaise and cola should make for a pretty heavy evening.

BBQ the calorie-conscious way

This spelled apple salad with walnuts tastes hearty and hearty.

BBQ recipes
6 easy variations for grilling

The best thing about summer? Eat outside! You don’t just have to serve your guests potato or pasta salad. Alternatives are starters made from couscous or spelled – or the roast as a burger.

Where is the easy-to-read nutrition label?

Of course, there will always be inaccuracies in this calculation – but the color-letter system always gives a basic impression. As “” reported in April, a simple traffic light solution for labeling is not yet in sight in Germany. The Nutri-System is also stuck in the Federal Ministry of Food. According to the report, a positive study on the topic with the request “to ensure the greatest possible confidentiality” ended up in the drawer. If the coalition agreement is not to degenerate into waste, a solution must be found in the next few weeks.

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