Foot-Detox Purification with a difference

Foot-Detox Purification with a difference

Detoxification cures are currently on everyone’s lips and many stars swear by the healthy break. Now there’s a new detox method that doesn’t require you to do anything except relax with a warm foot bath …

Detox cure? Until now, this has always meant avoiding certain foods in order to detoxify your body in a few days. Thanks to a new beauty trend, detoxing should now be much easier – with one nice warm foot bath!

While we use our feet for half an hour So our body becomes comfortable in the water for a long time cleansed and detoxified. Actually, it sounds like that Wellness than after detox. But how is it supposed to work?

Foot bath or plaster

The so-called “Foot Detox “ become the feet in one electrically operated foot bath placed. This should negatively charged ions penetrate directly through the sole of the foot, which the Bind and eliminate harmful substances in the body. After just a few minutes, the water turns yellow to dark brown – not very nice to look at, but supposedly it is the excreted toxins. You are happy to accept the brown broth.

If the professional devices are too expensive for you, you can also use special ones as an alternative Detox patches grab the, over night Glued to the soles of the feet, should purify the body in no time at all. However, you have to go to the black, sticky mass surely get used to it the next morning …

More appearance than reality?

Whether the body is actually detoxified during the foot detox remains to be seen not yet scientifically proven. Only the positive feedback from the numerous users make up the new beauty hype. Also a model Suki Waterhouse (23) already has a “Body Detox” brand device.

Critics of the method list the dark discoloration chemical reaction back. Additives can be found both in the footbands and on the plasters. However, negative effects of foot treatment have not yet been reported. So only that remains new detox variant maybe just test it yourself …

In the video: Cameron Diaz & Co. – That’s what the stars of detox cures think!

This is what the stars of detox cures think!

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