For adventurers: incredible deserts around the world!

For adventurers: incredible deserts around the world!

Who has never seen that movie scene in the middle of the desert and wondered what the experience would be like in such a place? For those who like an adventure and love stunning scenery, deserts around the world can be great destinations! Paulo and I had the opportunity to not only visit an incredible desert but also spend a night there – who saw the vlog on Wadi Rum?

Photo – Paulo Cuenca

I’m sure knowing a desert was not just in my Wishlist and many people still die of curiosity to know such an unusual place. For this reason, I decided to list some different deserts for you to be even more eager to know!

Wadi Rum – Jordan


Picture –

I had to start the list with him, after all, not only did I visit, but I also spent a night there. In addition to sleeping in a Bedouin tent, at Wadi Rum it is possible to stay in incredible bubble-style hotels. The desert has been the scene of several films and its main feature is the reddish sand. For those who liked the idea, I even made a post here on the blog talking about some unmissable points there.

Uyuni Salt Flat – Bolivia


Picture – Auratur

Want something more surreal than a salt desert? This wonder is close by, in Bolivia, and it is impressive. In addition to being the largest salt desert in the world, Uyuni changes every season, but in summer the place gets even more spectacular.

What happens is that after the typical rains of the season, the salt is covered in water and turns into a gigantic mirror – you can’t even define the horizon.

Atacama Desert – Chile


Picture – Plan South America

Chile is also home to one of the most arid deserts in the world, Atacama. The place offers a bit of everything: lagoons, hot springs, geysers, mountains, valleys, volcanoes … For those who like adventure and adrenaline, there you can do various extreme sports such as mountain biking and mountaineering.

Now, if you want to enjoy this experience in a more peaceful way, there are light trails, walks through the most famous spots and the amazing astronomical tour done at night ?

Saara’s desert


Picture – ThoughtCo

You can’t stop talking about the biggest hot desert in the world, can you? The Sahara desert is so big that it occupies several countries, among them Egypt, Morocco, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia … It is really an immensity.
In addition to the classic and gigantic dunes, in the Sahara there are also more rocky formations and even a region known as the White Desert, with whiter sand.
The famous oases even exist, but they look right into the desert and getting there can be tricky. One of the best known is the Siwa Oasis, which is in Egypt almost on the border with Libya.

Painted Desert – United States

Lightning strikes the Painted Desert near the Grand Canyon.

Picture – Adam Schallau

You may never have heard the name of this desert, but you have certainly heard of the Grand Canyon. The site is in the state of Arizona and is one of the most impressive scenery in the world. There it is possible to take helicopter tours which, although expensive, are very worthwhile.

The rock formations have different shades of brown, beige and even more reddish colors and that’s why the desert got its name.

Pinnacle Desert – Australia


Picture – Ilya Genkin

Far away from here, in Australia, you will find a very picturesque desert. The country has several deserts, but Pinnacles is the most interesting. The place has some very peculiar pointed rock formations.


So, have you decided the destination of your next trip?

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