For fitness lovers You need these 5 products for your breakfast

For fitness lovers You need these 5 products for your breakfast

If you have a healthy breakfast, you can only use skimmed quark and whole grain bread? Fortunately not. We introduce you to five delicious breakfast products that perfectly fit your fit lifestyle.

In this article we share special products with you: new trends, absolute must-haves, indispensable helpers and much more. We integrate these as affiliate links, through which we receive a commission in the purchase of the individual products. This means there are no additional costs for you – happy shopping!

Rich croissants, sugar-sweet cornflakes and chocolate Nutella bread – what sounds like a delicious breakfast is unfortunately not at all beneficial for a good start to the day. If you are not careful, you can have the first meal of the day neatly into the calorie trap grope.

If you want to live healthy, you should avoid ready-made breakfast products and get creative yourself. A full fitness breakfast includes proteins such as quark, eggs or peanut butter – these support muscle building and keep you full for a long time. You should also use whole grain products such as oatmeal or whole grain toast so that you have enough energy for the day. It’s best to have coffee, tea, or water for breakfast.

If you don’t eat these foods every day and include your eating plan every now and then Pancakes, chocolate spread and Co. want to spice things up, it doesn’t have to be unhealthy. We introduce you to five great Amazon products with which you can conjure up a healthy and tasty breakfast apart from gruel and low-fat quark.

1. Healthy pancake mix from “Foodspring”

Pancakes are the perfect alternative for the creative breakfast among you. Once you’ve baked the little cakes in the pan, you can do them Garnish with everything your stomach desires: Fruits, honey, maple syrup or hearty with cheese or herbal quark. The pancake mix from “Foodspring” also contains natural whey protein and is quick and easy to prepare.

2. Granola mixes for fitness lovers

Muesli from the supermarket are often high in sugar and low in protein. Athletes prefer to grab it Protein muesli or porridge mixes. They are lower in sugar and provide your body with all the essential nutrients for your first meal. You can shop it here.

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3. Protein bread to bake yourself

Sure, you can buy whole grain bread in every bakery. However, once you’ve smelled the scent of warm, freshly baked bread from your own oven, you don’t want any other. Especially if you are on a low-carb diet, the protein bread mix from “Organic Workout” is just right for you. It contains 80% fewer carbohydrates than conventional wholemeal bread – for that Almond flour, flax seeds and nuts. Delicious!

4. Healthy chocolate spread

How about a chocolate cream on your home-baked bread? They are now also available in a completely healthy way – with almonds and alternative sweeteners. The Contains “IronMaxx” chocolate cream just 3% sugar and fits perfectly into your healthy eating plan. Here you shop them.

5. Peanut butter with no added sugar

Peanuts are a natural source of protein and also contain them vitamins E and B3, zinc and magnesium. With no added sugar, peanut butter is a true fitness food. You can eat them with your bread, but also in mueslis, breakfast bowls and smoothies stir in – it tastes wonderfully creamy. This is where you get your peanut butter.

Fittnes lovers who like to drink tea in the morning should take a closer look at the “Happy Detox Tea”. The tea promotes digestion, suppresses appetite, combats flatulence as well as cellulite and water retention. Here you can get it 20% cheaper.

Weight loss & appetite suppressant - this tea boosts your fat burning!

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Weight loss & appetite suppressant – this tea boosts your fat burning!

A slimming program in the form of a teabag – we don’t say no! While you wait (and drink tea), the tea burns fat, promotes digestion, suppresses appetite, and combats gas, cellulite and water retention. It also removes toxins and increases energy, as well as promoting relaxation and the quality of your sleep. With us you can now get your 4 week set almost 10 € cheaper!

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