For More Festive Drinks!

For More Festive Drinks!

End of year is synonymous with parties and lots of entertainment. Because it is such a special time, we always think about all the details of the supper and the decoration of the house so that everything looks beautiful. However, drinks are not normally part of the décor planning. Consequently, people end up serving only soft drinks, wine or champagne.

For More Festive Drinks!

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If you also want to add a special touch to your drinks and drinks, I’m sure that the suggestions I’m going to give you now will help you. They are all very simple and anyone can do at home ?


For More Festive Drinks!

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Do you have more ideal fruit for the new year than pomegranate? In addition to giving a beautiful effect to the drinks, it leaves a super pleasant flavor. To complete the decoration, add a few sprigs of rosemary, making the glass or bowl even more charming.
Another super practical tip is to use half a fruit dipped in the drink. The interesting thing about this decor is that the fruit ends up absorbing the taste of the drink. Therefore, both the drink and the fruit are even more special!

Cotton Candy

I confess that this decoration would be more fun if everyone had a cotton candy machine at home. But this is certainly not the case for the majority, right? Even so, you can buy the ready-made cotton candy and place it over the cups. Then, just pour the liquid from the drink and watch the ingredient melt. Who has a child at home can do this with lemon juice, for example. Just use your creativity!

Decorative toothpicks

For More Festive Drinks!

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I already talked about decorative sticks in the New Year decoration post, but it doesn’t hurt to reinforce the idea. They can be made with crepe paper, fabric ribbons or metallic wires. Those Christmas festivities can also be useful to form “pompoms” on the tip of each toothpick.
If you have more skill with arts or want to do something more fun, cut out some colored paper in heart or star shapes, for example. Be sure to put one on each side of the toothpick so that the part with the glue and wood is not visible.

Ice creams

It is impossible for any drink to go bad when mixed with ice cream. I know I’m suspicious to say because I love the candy, but you can be sure that your drink will look amazing. The coolest thing about this type of mixture is that the drink has a different flavor and texture. As this time of year is very hot here in Brazil, the end result is perfect for hot days – super refreshing and chilled ?

Rock Candy

For More Festive Drinks!

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Who has heard of rock candy? This candy / lollipop is basically made with water, sugar and the essence of your choice. Some people also add food coloring to the mixture to make it more colorful.
The secret for the sweetie to work is to use wooden chopsticks and not forget to pass them in sugar before making the final step of the recipe. When placed in a glass of champagne or wine, for example, the sugar stones look beautiful and quite different.

Sugary edges

For More Festive Drinks!

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Do you have a more practical decoration than passing the edge of colored sugar cups and bowls? In this case, you will need to dip the rim of the container in some liquid, which may be the juice or the drink itself. Then, just pass the glass in the sugar or the mixture of your choice.
If it is a more eccentric drink, nothing prevents you from mixing spices. Powdered cocoa and coconut are two other ingredients that form a beautiful and delicious border. As we are talking about New Year, another incredible idea is to use edible glitter to bring a greater glamor.

Ice pebbles

For More Festive Drinks!

Photos: Polliani and Lonny

Finally, pebbles of ice! Cut the fruits you prefer into small pieces and freeze them together with the water. The decor is cute and, as the ice melts, you can consume the fruit that was frozen. There are those who also use flowers, but only do this if you are sure that they are edible.
Did you like the tips? Try to make at least one of them and see how this type of decoration makes all the difference when serving drinks. If you want to have some drink ideas, just click here ?

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